ElvUI Location Plus

ElvUI Location Plus
Plugin for ElvUI, that adds player location, coords + 2 Datatexts. Also, the highly configurable tooltip, can show Continent, ZoneLevel, Raids, PvP areas, Dungeons in the zone, recommended zones and dungeons based on player level and many more.

If you don't like all the tooltip info and the datatexts, get LocationLite from TukUI.org or Curse.

Requires ElvUI 10+ installed. Get it here.

Installation: Install as any addon


  • Click to Toggle WorldMap
  • ShiftClick to send your location in chat
  • CtrlClick to toggle left/right datatext panels
  • RightClick toggles ElvUI configuration

Contains options in ElvUI configuration:

  • Auto, custom or class color on the text
  • Moveable through ElvUI Toggle Anchors
  • Detailed Coords
  • All panels sizable
  • Hide in combat/pet battle
  • Show/Hide Tooltips
  • 4 layouts to play with: simple, with shadows, transparent, no backdrop
  • Change font, size, flags

Tooltip can Show:

  • Currencies NEW
  • Professions NEW
  • Zone and subzone
  • inZone dungeons, raids, pvp
  • Recommended zones by char level
  • Recommended dungeons by char level
  • Dungeon entrances coords
  • Location's Fishing level and player's fishing skill
  • Battle Pet level in the area


  • Elv, Blazeflack, for showing me the best way to do this
  • Sinaris (idea from his TukUI edit)
  • iceeagle, grdn, for digging their great code and making this possible.
  • Tukui and Elvui forum community.

I need help localizing it :)



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