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  • by Benik (EU-Emerald Dream)
  • is loaded. Thank you for using it.
  • Adds 2 digits in the coords
  • Adds 6 pixels at the Main Location Panel height.
  • Adjust All Panels Height.
  • Adjust coords updates (in seconds) to avoid cpu load. Bigger number = less cpu load. Requires reloadUI.
  • Adjust the DataTexts Width.
  • Adjust the Location Panel Width.
  • All Panels Height
  • Area Fishing level
  • Auto Colorize
  • Auto resized Location Panel.
  • Auto width
  • Battle Pet level
  • Choose font for the Location and Coords panels.
  • Click :
  • Combat Hide
  • Coordinates
  • CtrlClick :
  • Datatext Panels
  • DataTexts Width
  • Detailed Coords
  • Displays the main zone and the subzone in the location panel
  • Enable/Disable battle pet level on the area.
  • Enable/Disable dungeons in the zone, on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable fishing level on the area.
  • Enable/Disable hints on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable layout with shadows.
  • Enable/Disable level range on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable recommended dungeons on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable recommended zones on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable status on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable the coords for area dungeons and recommended dungeon entrances, on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable the currencies, on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable the Login Message
  • Enable/Disable the professions, on Tooltip.
  • Enable/Disable transparent layout.
  • Hide capped
  • Hide Coords
  • Hide PvP
  • Hide Raid
  • Hides a profession when the player reaches its highest level.
  • Hides all panels background so you can place them on ElvUI's top or bottom panel.
  • Larger Location Panel
  • Location Panel
  • Location Plus
  • LocationPlus adds a movable player location panel, 2 datatext panels and more
  • LocationPlus Left Panel
  • LocationPlus Right Panel
  • Login Message
  • Recommended Dungeons :
  • Recommended Zones :
  • RightClick :
  • Send position to chat
  • Set the font size.
  • Shadows
  • ShiftClick :
  • Show additional info in the Location Panel.
  • Show Battle Pet level
  • Show Hints
  • Show Recommended Dungeons
  • Show Recommended Zones
  • Show zone Dungeons
  • Show/Hide all panels when in combat
  • Show/Hide PvP zones, Arenas and BGs on recommended dungeons and zones.
  • Show/Hide raids on recommended dungeons.
  • Show/Hide the coord frames
  • Show/Hide tooltip
  • Toggle Datatexts
  • Toggle WorldMap
  • Truncate text
  • Truncates the text rather than auto enlarge the location panel when the text is bigger than the panel.
  • Update Timer
  • Use Custom Location Color
  • with Entrance Coords
  • Zone and Subzone

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