Guild Tax with Raid Duty

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Whats New! "All Gold made in Game now Shown." Type /guildtax for Command List - common uses are, set tax on guild raids to raise funds for Guild Bank Repairs ect, will also handle donations.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to remove anyother Guild Tax addons you use, or you will risk double taxation with out representaion.
HOW TO USE: Guild leaders need to add a line to the "Guild Message Of The Day, MOTD" with the amount you wish to tax, Must contain the word “tax” and an amount. It is NOT case sensitive.
Guildtax = 15% Tax - 86% GUILDtax: 25 TaX 20
If there is an amount in both Guild MOTD and guild info the one in the guild MOTD will be used, the Officers Note overrides all other amounts. If no line is added to the Guild Message or guild infomation of the day then the default of 10% will be used. Tax cannot be set above 100% or below 0%, if this happens it will be set at 10%. The amount taxed will be saved up until a player visits the guild bank, at which point it will be deposited automatically when bank is opened.

  • GLoad = pulls new Guild Info, MOTD or Officers Note "tax amount".
  • Evade = Resets Tax Amount to 0. "This is the amount that adds up ass you loot or vendor items."
  • Pay Debt = Will take funds you have evaded and set to be paid, ie Due.
  • Donate = Toggles the Donation Window.
  • Clear = Clears the amount you have set to be donated and takes that amount from Due.
  • For Guild Tax:
  • Type '/guildtax' to bring up the list of commands.
  • Type '/guildtax options' to bring up the options window.
  • Type '/guildtax show' to display the tax window, showing how much tax you are to pay.
  • Type '/guildtax rate' display the Guild tax rate.
  • Type '/guildtax tax' display the Guild Tax that will be paid next bank visit.
  • Type '/guildtax total' display the toal amount of Guild tax you have paid.
  • For Raid Duty:
  • Type '/guildtax rd' to bring up Raid Duty Window

  • For Guild Tax
  • !audit = will get reply with user economy stats.
  • !guild audit = user will post there economy stats to guild chat.
  • For Raid Duty:
  • !rdheal = user will post there economy stats to say chat.
  • !rdtank = user will post there economy stats to say chat.
  • !rdstrat = user will post there economy stats to say chat.
WHAT IS TAXED: Small change, quest rewards, money from the mailbox. Small changed is the small amounts of cash you loot from bodies, normaly only a few silver and copper. Quest rewards are the cash reward from completeing a quest, not the items. Mailbox will take tax from all the money earnt though the mail (auction house and COD mail). Vendor amounts, will take any profit you make from selling items to a vendor.
(Poll) What would you pay a guild tax for?

About Raid Duty: Raid Duty is a small tool included with Guild Tax. Common uses are Setting Tank Assignments, Healer Assignments, Dps Assignments, and Boss strat in one place, in an easy and intuitive interface. All info is easily accessed by guild or raid memebers simply by wispering you with simple, easy to remember commands. EG: !rdheal or !rdtank or !rdstrat. Currently Raid Duty is in its Quick and Dirty phase and has more to come.
  • Save Current Assignments to "Custom Named Table"
  • Load Custom Named Table into Current Assignments IE: Import
  • I will be making "Custom Layouts" Per Raid Instance, per Difficulty IE: reg and heroic.
  • Users will be able to load Custom Layouts into Current Assignments IE: Import.
  • Users wil be able to save / load Custom Layouts per Raid Instance, per Difficulty, per Account.

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