While leveling or grinding, there are a lot of mundane things you want to complete quickly. FastTrack will help with the little things. All compiled together in one simple addon, with an easy to use minimap button for configuration.

The growing list contains: Sell all poor (gray) items to a vendor automatically when you interact with them. If the vendor can also repair you, FastTrack will take care of that too. You can specify to use Guild Funds for repairing. When soloing an instance, FastTrack can get rid of the annoying popups warning that looting this item will bind it to you. FastTrack puts a small, movable widget on your screen that tracks your profit/loss of gold for each session.

Upcoming enhancements: When rolling on BoP gear, automatically dismiss the warning that its binding to you (when in party or raid group). You will have the option to bypass looting poor items from monsters, saving precious bag space when you are getting low.

Fell free to leave comments or feedback to make this list grow! You can email project comments or requests to [email protected]



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