Feral by Night

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Feral by Night - The feral druid addon (only for level 80 Feral Druid)

Thanks to Daefecator from EJ forum who fixed trinkets and glyph!

This version is just a "working version", the cycle doesn't take into account some of the newest talents but atleast it works! Please be patient, it will be updated soon for the Xpac!

In one addon you will have a suggestion monitor for the next move, debuff/buff monitor, stat frame, trinket monitor, energy, omen of clarity, rage, casting bar and many other goodies.

You can access interface options with "/fbn" from the console.

Give a shot at the Video guide by Beefbeater: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSU705Qmcn4

Remember to lock the frame!

The addon has different component:
- proc tracker: it will automatically track temporary buff (hysteria, ToT, MD), your trinket procs (with hidden CD) and your weapon proc.
- suggester panel where you can see the best move to do.
For the cat version embended with the prediction frame where you can see the next move 1 second in the future depending on 1 cp or 2 cps generation, while on the left side you can see avaible dps cd like Tiger's Fury and Berserk.
For the bear version, you'll see on the right side, insteead of future move, the barkskin icon when avaiable and the "maul suggester".
- a "real stats" panel (your real crit vs. bosses, your real armor pen value considering sunders, etc.. and so on, the panel change on the fly and it's used to compute the best ability for the suggestion panel). It works only if you target something.
- an hud: mana, energy, rage, threat, life, boss casting bar. Al with color changing due to status.
- 3 cooldown monitor: 1 for survival and long CDs and the other 2 that switch between bear and cat and take care of timers.
- An Omen of Clarity graphic frame (the large frame at the center of the screen)
- A Savage Roar / Cooldown frame (numbers) center high.
- A Combo point / Lacerate stack to the left high.
- An Energy/Rage Frame to the right high.
- a notice frame with different icons near the hud, combined with the boss mod:
hourglass: wait for energy to regen.
lifebelt: use survival cd
round arrows: turn to the back
alarm clock: is time for someone else to taunt your mob
up arrow: out of range
down arrow: go away from here!
right arrow: kitte the mobe or strafe
green check: go all out with dps!
forbid: can't use that now
bell: pay attention at this situation!
yellow allert: 90% tank threat
red allert: 100% tank threat
- A boss mod that let you select some energy saving for particular situation, boss to interrupt, boss with mangle only and some cycle change due to particular fights.

- 2 boss mod frame that let you show boss fight specific buff/debuff (left), and yours fight specific buff/debuff.

From the interface option you can:
show/hide each frame
change font type and size of each frame
change size of each frame
lock/unlock the frame and move them
Change the cycle selecting the expected number of SR combo point, if you want to use shred and so on.

Everything else (rake vs. shred and everything else) is autoselected based on your gear, spec and buffs.

To Do:
add a profile manager
add a grow up/down/left/right and bar for the cd monitors

Known issue:
the addon can crash if you are not feral specced
if you deactivate and reactivate the addon (before logging) it reset the frame position to default.
Boss Mod is still under testing.


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