This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Fleetwood Loot System

How to use FLS

  • Turn on master looter (you need to be the ML)
  • When an item drops that is above the filter threshold, a new window will pop up (the master frame)
  • You can click a button "Request". Everyone in the raid with this addon installed will get a similar popup (the slave frame)
  • They can now see the loot, and select need/offspec/pass for each item
  • The ML needs to select an item in his master frame to see the demand for this item
  • In the list of people who selected need or offspec, you can click "G" to give the item to the player
  • You can click "R" to make that player random 100 - The result will be recorded


You can access the addon settings either through the in-game AddOn settings or through the two commands /fls and /flsm

General Idea

This addon is tailored towards my guild. We use a custom dkp system that is based on a zero sum system with fixed prices. As its not default ZeroSum/Pricing no existing addon is working for us. Also we are using a custom website for DKP written in RubyOnRails. Thus I decided to make an addon that will be more open for guilds with their own solutions who arent using EQDKP or similar systems. Currently it only supports the master looter in finding out who wants what - you will still need to check dkp standing on an external site to determine who is actually going to get the item.

Generally this addon is not meant to be a standalone DKP mod. You will still be required to use an external website to award DKP and then reimport the new dkp standings back into the addon before the next raid. We generally do not trust addons enough for them to handle dkp without some kind of external storage (like a website/database).

Master Looter Support Tool

The master loter will get an additional popup when looting giving him the option to send information about the loot to everyone in the raid with this addon installed. The recepients will get a different popup showing all the loot and giving them the option to select need/greed/pass for all items. The selections will automatically be sent back to the master looter who then quickly gets an overview of who needs what item.

Additional features

  • display of item id and item level in tooltip
  • display of item price in the tooltip (*)
  • import DKP standings from the data file into the officer notes

(*) requies use of data file

Data file

The data file (data.lua) will contain information about dkp tables, which characters belong to each user, each user's current dkp standings for each table, item prices and which table they belong to. Extracting this information from your DKP tracking website/software is not part of this addon. I will maybe explain the structure in more detail later (our current data.lua is part of the package so look at it). Generally you will have to download a new data file before each raid from your guild's website and export it into the guild officer notes.


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