This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


I am now looking for someone who loves this addon to take it over as I no longer play. :( Contact me if your interested (Zasurus).


Due to RealID being anounced I kinda expected this addon to be useless so stopped developement but as RealID clearly didn't meet my expectations and you can only use it for people you trust (also no features to control who sees what toons) I am going to be redevelopeing this once I have released my current project WorldExplorer V2 I will start this again.

So now is an ideal time to give me any ideas you have for what FriendsMonitor should do... Maybe interface ideas and what data should be collected/displayed etc... I already have my own ideas and have created tickets for them here. If you have ideas PLEASE create a ticket so it doesn't get lost or forgotten about! More info you give the better! If you have examples then include screenshots or EVEN drawings in paint! I promise I won't laugh! ;-)

What it does:

  • First it keep your friends list in sync between your characters. For example if you add a friend on one character and then logon on using an alt it will add them to that character aswell.
  • It also keeps your friends notes in sync between characters!
  • Next it talks to your friends and shares your other characters with them by adding them to their friends list with a comment saying they are your characters (so when you come online with them they know who you are!)

WOW it surprises me how much work has gone into this and how few things are on the list of what it does! :-| LOL

I have been working on this for quite a while as it was bugging me when my friends and family created new characters and didn't tell me so when they came online with the new characters I wouldn't know. SO I created FriendsMonitor to fix this! :-)

This is very much in early development and only has a fraction of the features I intend to add BUT it does now have the basic features mentioned here and it does work for me, my friends and family. Currently there are not many options but they are not really needed yet.

Anyway as I said there is LOADS of stuff I want to add so I have created a separate ticket (on for each change/improvement that I would like to implement in the future and I would be greatfull to recieve any extra suggestions or comments on the existing surgestions or comments. Please feel free to vote on them and add any extra you think I have missed or would be good for the addon.

Again if you have a suggestion or bug then please by all means post a comment below but also PLEASE add a ticket.

That way it will help me keep track of stuff I need to do. Also it will allow other people to vote on them, for example with bugs, people can say that this bug is more important that the other one or that they want/don’t want certain functionality someone has requested. Finally it keeps all the comments together for each bug or new functionality AND people can subscribe to each ticket individually to tell you when something has been fixed!

To add a ticket this go to (curseforge is the developers side of curse) then login with your account info and open a ticket. Please remember to specify if it is a bug or new functionality etc...

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