This mod will track any Ore or Metal Bar that you have in your bag and display it on a tooltip from a FuBar plugin. It can also show ores and bars in your bank (but not guildbank or mail) and on your alts and their banks. It can display results of all ore and bars in a tooltip or you can modify the display parameters. You can sort by difficulty or by alphabet. You can also have specific ores or bars on your Fubar if you were just farming one type or a couple of types of ore this could be useful.

Works with FuBar or LDB (you will need an LDB display mod (I use Bazooka) and the FuBar2Broker mod)

Known issues: None

Localisation: This is only localised for EN-GB and EN-US by default. If you have other language requirements and can translate the ore and bar tables please contact me by email.
German localisation (deDE) by Borschti. Many thanks.
To Do:
Possibly a version for Gems, Eternals and Crystalised xyz

If you like this mod please check out my other mod, FuBar_HerbTrackerFu

Asynja for testing
Delvis for testing
Ishnae for testing and getting me coffee.

Please post any errrors or requests via the curseforge ticket system at this link


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