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Gambit Raid System helps in Raid loot distributuion by calculating a members loot rank based on 4 factors. Attendance score, Bank score, Item Level score, and Items won. It attempts to take the human factor out of loot distrubution by using cold hard statistics to help ML/RL decide.

This is the first release of GambitRaidSystem and thus only contains the first piece of the addon which is a Personal Loot tracker. Basically anytime you loot an item it gets stored in a per character DB table. You can view what items are currently stored at anytime by using the slash command /grs looted. You can also reset the Personal Loot table by doing /grs reset.

After getting the loot tracking module completed I plan on moving onto the Bank, Item Level, and Items won pieces of the addon. There is a thread on TankSpot that talks about this new idea for a Raid Loot System and this is the start of the addon for that loot system. Please feel free to offer any comments or advice you may have on this thread The discussion really starts on post 23.


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