Garry Up !

Garry Up !


This add-on helps you work on your Garrison. Most buildings require achievements or special tasks before they can be fully upgraded to Level 3. This add-on removes the pain of tracking multiple tasks and just lets you enjoy the game.



  • Lists achievements required to level your Garrison buildings up to Level 3
  • Track progress on required achievements and quests.
  • Recommends fishing in Draenor zones.
  • Recommends baits to use in your current zone.
  • Reminds you when to re-apply baits and buffs.
  • Dynamic achievement tracking

This Add-On is currently a work in progress (WIP) and more features are on the way.


Future features:

  • Advise on champions / collectibles
  • Clickable links to achievements
  • Improve User Interface
  • Integration with 'Pathfinder' add-on.


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