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GroupWatch shows your entire party or raid in a compact grid, allowing you to see everyone's status. Each member's panel will tint itself based on threat, and will show their health, power (mana/energy/rage/focus/runic), multiple buttons (to which spells can be bound) and the heath of their target. Spells can be bound to cast on a party/raid member directly (healers), on their target (tanks), or on their target's target.

GroupWatch was originally designed for tanks, but is great for healers and useful to everyone. I will not lie; This addon's idea is a combined idea from TauntMaster and Rewatch. I wanted to use TauntMaster but it was too simple for me, I wanted something more like Rewatch, but that would work for tanks.

Current Features:

  • Modular; Different modules can be turned off to improve performance.
  • Lists a grid of party/raid members
  • Shows Members' Health and Power
  • Up to 12 buttons can be shown, in a selectable amount of rows.
  • Shows Members' Target's Health
  • Frames tint colors for different classes.
  • Frames change colors based on threat.
  • Frames fade out when unit is out of general range
  • GroupWatch_Dispells: Dispelling spells fade out if there's nothing to dispel
  • GroupWatch_Sorting: Hold shift for options to sort the frames.

If you would like to help localize this addon, which would be greatly appreciated, try using the GroupWatch Localization Page on CurseForge. Let it be noted that credit for the the current German translation goes to kaimon, not me.

Basic Usage

This addon works right out-of-the-box for tanks and healers, though it is smart to customize the bound spells to fit your play style. On the first log-in, you should see a frame for yourself. You can click and drag the box just to the upper-left of it to move it. More frames will appear as players join your party, and they will all move together.

Operating this addon's features is as simple as clicking what you want on who you want. Click on a party member's name to select them, or their target to select it. Or you could just click one of the action boxes, to cast a spell or use an item on the configured target, or run a macro. If you've forgotten which action you've bound, mouse over it's icon and check the tooltip.

More Useful Info

You can bind actions to the three boxes by alt-clicking them. If you hold alt when you left- or right-click one of the spells' boxes, a dialog will appear, asking for the action's type (spell, item, or macro), it's name, and what target it should use. "unit" is the party member the frame is for, "unit-target" is his target, and "unit-target-target" is his target's target. Note that a macro cannot be used on the configured target, and will run as normal when clicked.

If you've chosen to enable some modules, you'll see extra features. If you've enabled "GroupWatch_Dispels", then left-click bound spells that have a dispel effect will have their icons faded when there is nothing to dispel. If you've enabled "GroupWatch_Sorting", you may hold the shift-button to dispay some sorting options. You may choose to sort by tanks first, assists first, or leave it as group order.

Advanced Usage

You can add and sort additional buttons in the Interface Options window, so up to twelve buttons can be shown at a single time. You can also set how many buttons you want in a row. For example, if you want 2 rows, you can set the number of buttons to 8 and the buttons per row to 4. You may hold the Shift button to access another set of buttons, which will replace your current ones as long as you have shift down. The same rules apply; alt-shift-click will bind a spell, and so on.

Some minor features can be configured in the Interface Options window. Here, you will find many options related to scaling and display. On the left, you will see a decent amount of scaling options. You can drag the scaling sliders, or you can just click one and you will be asked to manually enter the number. On the upper-right, you will see some general settings to change.


I, Derrekk, made this AddOn from scratch. I admit I have taken some ideas, and learned from, a few other addons. These include: TauntMaster, Rewatch, and HealerButtons. Credit for the idea goes to the creator of TauntMaster, trrecordings. Credit for the fading and layout ideas goes to the creator of Rewatch, Dezyne. And finally, credit goes to the creator of HealerButtons, Scale, whose code I learned a lot from about secure action buttons.

I would also like to thank kaimon, ercynna, AZMAK, and Ravenscaur for their great suggestions. And finally, thanks to everyone who contributed to the locales!


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