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Supported WoW Versions

  • 8.1.0


- Library updates for 8.1

Remove Dont translate options #483


GSE 2.4.01 has some changes to exporting and importing that are setting up for future changes.  There are new macro functions and step functions that will not work with older versions.  You can now target a release version going forward.  Also some of the export options are things that were asked for by Macro Plugin Authors.

#478 - When exporting the new settings dont respect the Export WLM tickbox.
#387 - Add readonly and non export flags for Macro Plugin Authors
#471 - Specify a minimum version of GSE is required to use this macro enhancement

#474 - GSE wont remember Arena version

#470 - Deal with Widfire Bomb changes from Wild Enfusion talent

#469 - Import Box should be clear for successive imports

#464 - Replace not replacing macro on merge screen
#445 - Macros saving not Timewalking and MythicPlus Tabs

#452 Revive Pet / Mend Pet not switching properly - GSE will now substitute Mend Pet with Revive Pet. This will enable the one line to either cast Mend Pet or Revive Pet as needed.

#424 Revert Trinket Shorthand

#459 GS unable to export

#441 Vanishing names "the sequel" Known Issue
#447 Rename on import returns error bug
#454 Kill command in RU client bug
#455 Change the "WLM export" default to be an option enhancement

Fix polarity of Chaos Strike and Annihilation for Demon Hunters

#426 - Cosmetic - Macro Names Vanishing on GUI - bug
#429 - Add option to rename a macro on import
#439 - GSE 2.3.02 - Spells that change name due to metamorphosis don't always revert - bug

#430 - Record Macro Broken
Trying a new Ace3 lib install to see if that fixes:
#426 - Macro Names Vanishing

#409 - Create an Export Summary for WLM Exports
#407 - Updated Ace3 libraries for BfA
#406 - SpellId not always returning Base SpellId
#404 - Add configuration option for Timewalking Dungeons
#403 - Add Configuration option for Mythic+ Dungeon
#399 - Importing a Macro creates the Sequence in Uppercase and the /macro entry in normal case.
#397 - Race condition between making Macro button and saving a macro
#393 - New Sample Macros for DPS and Tank classes for BfA. Fix from Beta10
#392 - Create a macro diff screen for when importing an existing macro.
#391 - Give option when creating a macro to auto create the icon.
#385 - Add Arena Configuration option
#384 - Trinket Shorthand
#382 - Change GSE Storage to store Spell ID rather than Spell Name enhancement
#362 - Prevent Global Error when GSE GUI is not available. more information required question
#352 - Check is _G["NAME"] exists when making a new macro.

#378 Gse2 Lua error when send. bug
#368 GSE can throw a null if the edit frame is attempted to be resized before the GUI has finished initialising.

#377 Random Loop

#368 and #378 Serialisation fix and null check

#362 TOC not loading Translator

#363 Importing a Verbose sequence with a space or blank lines preceding the Sequences causes a storage error
#364 Blue Book Icon bug
#365 Change /gse to open viewer instead of command line options enhancement

- #361 Missing "L" in Serialization.lua

- #360 Dungeon and Heroic Version Configuration missing from Editor

- #351 Party Tooltip Merge issues
- #352 Macro named PVP breaks GSE

- #342 Use Transmission Serialisation to create compressed import format
- #341 Refactor to move GUI back to Sub Mod
- #271 Add Configuration option for Party

- #347 Taint issues I noticed wint GSE while checking on taint for another addon
- #346 7.3 changes - trinkets are auto firing and the UI is resetting the overrides

- #345 GSE.UnsavedOptions["PartyUsers"] was not initialised at login
- #321 Maintain and view the Out of Combat Queue
- #329 WOW API 7.3 Related Changes - Update Dependent Libraries
- #335 Start line in sequence as -- to mark inline Comment in the Macro
- #331 See who else is using GSE when in a group

- #327 Using the Any Shift, Any Control and Any Alt reset key modifiers would result in a crash of GSE2.
- #322 Macro names 'WW' breaks GSE for Monks.

- Send in Editor button prompts ClassID error #319
- Create Icon not swapping to Delete Icon if macro already exists when selected in browser bug #320
- Step Function generation is selecting LoopPriority instead of Priority when not an internal loop macro. #302

- Priority checks and update for #302
- TOC updates for 7.2.5

- localization errors - 2.1.01-beta3 #310
- GSE 2.1.01 Beta 1 is giving Lua errors #307
- Verify location after character login in so macros are initialised with correct location config bug #292
- Command line option to scan and fix errors - /gs checkmacrosforerrors #305
- Filter by Spec - hide macros for other specs #298
- Allow import copy/paste from IE/Edge #306
- Editing a global macro creates a class-specific clone instead #297
- Identify and handle macros with errors enhancement #300

- /gs updatemacrostrings and GUI options to update Macro Stubs for Macro Resets #294
- TOC and Library Update for 7.2 #293
- Localisation updates for #257
- logic update to match StepFunction Assignment #276
- Extra Unit Tests for #276
- Heroic not saving state in editor #263
- Change Help on Export from "" to [[]] #260
- Improve efficiency of Transmission enhancement #256
- TOC returns a nil version to Transmission. #255
- Not setting a reset combination causes a LUA Error Bug #253
- Cannot expand code box (horizontally)... enhancement #212
- 2.0.14 Typing "/gs help" or "/gs cleanorphans" Errors bug #241
- When Importing via the GUI add a Tick Box to automatically create the Icon for this macro enhancement #250
- Add Modifier options to reset a macro enhancement - #236
- Change scope of button to gsebutton to prevent conflict with RaidAchievement enhancement #251
- Remove Legacy Adaptor from GSE2.1 - Make available as a seperate download enhancement #249
- Add Dungeon and Heroic Dungeon configuration options enhancement #240

- Complete removal of target=true code
- Fix collisions to check that the new MacroVersion is the same as an existing version. #239
- Include GSE Version Number in Macro Export enhancement #228

Target=true is now a blocked action stopping Macro Execution. #235

- Transmission - arithmetic on nil error when grouped. #234
- LoopPriority implementation following sequential implemetation within loop bug #233

- Trace why some macros are going to Global (GSELibrary[0]) when they have a valid SpecID #188

- Parser not handling two sets of []'s in a macro bug #230
- Error when trying to save a Global Macro #225
- Simplified Chinese Translation enhancement #229
- Icons are not updating for lines in Castsequence macros - Action Bar Icon always question mark #174
- Direct table creation is not permitted bug #224
- Check for comma in name #226

- Can't use reset bug #219
- Option 'Require Target to use' not functioning #207
- Add Ability to Disable Login Messages enhancement #217

- Consolidate import into one box and remove the radio buttons. Dont open Viewer until save action has completed enhancement #216
- Hunter Pet Abilities do not appear to be recognized #213
- Transmission - Send Macro Interface #191
- Internal Loops Not Working bug #214
- GSE2 Macro Text Parser dropping certain combinations of macro modifiers. bug #201
- Opening GSE Viewer changes default text to center alignment bug #199
- PreMacro and looping #204
- Create ability to reset options to defaults. - /gs resetoptions #215
- Create macro for wrong class returns an error #209
- Priority Type Macro Exports as Sequential... #211

- PreMacro and looping #204
- Option 'Require Target to use' not functioning #207

- Priority Dropdown list not retaining value in 2.0.5

- Editing a Macro Automatically saves and changes the stored macro #171
- After Import Macro is not able to fire until a reloadui has occured, #169
- No Macro Loaded Window Spam #193
- Macros stopped working since latest patch #195
- Error in Storage.lua:217 thrown when no Global Macros present bug #197

For those having trouble importing can you please check if this resolves your challenges.

- Global Macro not getting a default version. - throwing storage error on login. #177
- Command task to resort macros into classes enhancement #187
- Add Sorting Labels to Macro Viewer so that sorted macros are easier to understand enhancement #185

<b>/gs movelostmacros</b> will move any macros that had a valid SpecID that have imported into the wrong place.

- Localisation Updates for non enUS #181
- Have to Create icon after every logout, login and reload #170
- Editor is setting Specialisation to Name rather than ID #184

- Fix regression introduced by #165 - Identify missing spells

- Identify missing Spell ID’s for non enUS clients enhancement – #165 opened an hour ago by TimothyLuke
- Error on login on Shaman – no macros work bug – #162 opened 19 hours ago by Luckrider
- Create Global Macro Buttons enhancement – #166 opened 26 minutes ago by TimothyLuke
- Sort Macros by name in GSE enhancement – #154 opened a day ago by TimothyLuke
- Show Import errors enhancement – #164 by TimothyLuke was closed 3 hours ago
- Helplink is not rendering for Custom URL’s – #167 by TimothyLuke was closed 3 minutes ago

- Complete rewrite from scratch - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox9d0vjdACE

- Race Condition when importing a macro
- Fix for Soul Cleave for #113
- Debugging for Internal loop #114
- Add an icon to the viewer and allow it to drag off the Macro. #84
- Update DraikMacros to be administratively disabled. #110
- Add cancelform and startattack to the list of valid actions #115
- Prot and Ret Macro updates for Paladins
- New Macro Type Internal Loop
- Macro Recorder.
- 7.1 API changes
Sequence Editor Bug Fixes
Sequence Editor Bug Fixes
More packagin corrections.
Packaging Correction for 1.4.0
General Execution Changes
- Macros automatically reset when out of combat
- Global option to change this back to the old behaviour

Editor Changes
- Put the editor in a Scrolling Frame so that Help Text can be added
- Separate Save and Close
- Add Transmit Button
- Dont have to reload when changing StepFunction

- On Click popup a window with a text box that has a battletag, charname etc with OK to send the current macro. If the user has all macros displayed they can send macros for other classes.
- Add a LDB button for /gsse
- Left Click - GSSE
- RightClick - Debug interface

Create a GUI for Debugging.
- Create a frame with a text box and a Enable/Disable, Pause, Clear, Options buttons
- Add a timer to watch GSDebugOutput and append that to the end of the text box.
- /gsse debug console command

International fix
Default Sequence Debug to be off.
Sequence's are now able to be Debugged.  This feature is in the Debug Options.

Full Change Log at https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/milestone/8?closed=1
Full Release Notes available: https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/milestone/7?closed=1

- Version Check record to allor for SendMessage to be resuable #34
- update debug output for #82
- Change whitespace for #83
- GSDebugDumpButton api for #82
- TOC Changes
- Initial send/receive sequence via internal comm channel #34
- More localisation fixes #77
- Macro Updates for Mage and Paladin Macros
Change ipairs to pairs to fix an unexpected api change.

Release Notes available at : https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/issues?q=is:issue milestone:1.3.5 is:closed
Whack-a-mole fix
Curse Packager missed Ace-GUI
Full fix list is located at https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/milestone/3?closed=1

Many Bug Fixes

Full fix list is located at https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/milestone/4?closed=1

Allow users to disable a sequence
Auto Create Macro Stubs on sequence load if the spec matchs the curresnt users spec
New Button to create a New Sequence
International Client Fixes
Its all in game now!

Preview Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZxXCb0CBXk
Full Change Notes: https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequenced-Enhanced/milestone/2?closed=1
* Bug fixes for non-English clients
* /gs clean shortcut for /gs cleanorphans
* The translator will now load in your language if your client is not english.  You only need the translator now if you want to translate between non English languages eg deDE to frFR
Bug Fixes for Untranslatable spells and Error Text turning itself on.
Type hidden in Sequence Editor
Translation problem bug - #37
Refactor isempty() to be a global enhancement - #31
Allow users to change colours enhancement - #30
Add /use [combat] 2 neck option enhancement - #29
Add global option to create macros with the ? Icon enhancement - #27
Turning on the Translator needs a reloadui to take effect. bug enhancement - #26
Editor Syntax Highlighting enhancement - #22
Handle user with more that 120 macros. bug - #18
Check for combat before opening SequenceEditor enhancement - #9
Nil check for Sequence Editor bug enhancement - #6
Fixed Ring and Trinkets requiring a reload
Added a global option on using the Question Mark Icon in a Sequence.
Fixes for Translator
Changes for Trinkets and Rings
Even More debugging.
Fixes for a bunch of DraikMacros that I broke !
Fixes for malformed sequences in DraikMacros. Sequences need to be well formed for the translator to understand them To make this work mods and conditionals like target=combat need to be [target=combat]
Wackamole on 1.1.2
Fixed a nil pointer in the editor caused by the fix for 1.1.1
Fixed nil pointer on translating a sequence without a Pre or Post Macro in the Sequence Editor
GS-E Translator Support.  The translator is a seperate addon but once installed will allow you to use GS-E Sequences in your native language.  It will automatically translate sequences for your class as you log in and the Editor will have extra translation options.
Debug Mode - A lot of debugging output to verify that global options and the translater are behaving as expected.
New Global Option for target hopping protection - /stopmacro [@playertarget, noexists]
The Save button in the editor has been removed.  The CLose button now saves an edited Sequence

New Macros for Hunters and some updates to existing macros
New Rogue Macro
New Mage Macro
How to select a custom icon for a sequence
Updated Macros for Druids, Priests, Death Knights, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks and Druids
Hopefully the end of the /gs hangs
Mod Debug Output
Fixed handling of malformed sequences.  No more hangs on /gs
A ton of Bug Fixes.
Classwide Sequences.
Shaman Elemental
Rogue Subtlety and Assination
Kill the Noise' Disc macros
Survival Hunter Macros
Fixes to Options and clarification around the Custom Script Dialog
Fixes to the Sequence Editor SpecID exporter
Corrections to the Frosty Macro
New /gs cleanorphans command
1.0 - Legion 7.0.3 Release.  All Bundled Macros are now marked as DB_Macroname
0.7 - Bugfixes to Sequence Editor and Added Processing Options
0.6 - Bugfixes to 0.5 Sequence Editor.  Also GitHub fixes for CRLF
0.5 - In game Sequence editor /gsse
0.4.2a refactor fixes
0.4.2 - /gs also opens the Macro panel to make it easier to access macros.  Updated macros for most specs.
0.4.1 - Minor bug fixes
0.4 - Adds more macros and when using the /gs command adds any macros for your spec into the /macros interface ready for use.
0.3 - Legion Macros.  All 6.2.4 macros removed.  From this point on this is Legion only
0.2 - Addon Pack Support.  Split into GS-Core, GS-DraikMacros
0.1 - GS-E proof of concept.  All in one.