GuildAds 2.7 rev 622


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    Jul 11, 2011
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Supported WoW Versions

  • 4.2.0


Changes since v621:

Added: Faction "Avengers of Hyjal" added.

Changes since v619:

Fixed: tradeskill link decoding data updated to patch 4.2 data.

Fixed. Updated toc to 40200 (patch 4.2) Fixed: GetItemQualityColor doesn't return "|c" prepended on the hex code for the colour. Readded to GuildAds_GetItemQualityColor.

Changes since v618:

Fixed: A part of the login protocol was mishandled and could cause otherwise working clients to wrongfully and partially disconnect from the channel, halting all GuildAds communication. Fixed: GuildAds chat is sending the messages now, but aren't received correctly (not shown to the user, i.e. the GuildAds chat isn't worth much yet). Only applicable for the guild addon channel.

Changes since v617:

Fixed: ReceivePlayerList was referencing an unknown variable and that caused unresponding players to not being marked offline. This could cause the protocol to halt.

Changes since v614:

Fixed: Engineering skill wasn't detected properly. Updated: TradeLink decoding table updated for patch 14007.

Fixed: ReceivePlayerLeaving wasn't passing the correct string to SetOnlineStatus, causing players leaving the channel that way to stay in everyones playerList, effectively halting the protocol.

Fixed: Previous fix of the inherited OnEvent error was faulty.

The addon seriously needs updated localization files(!)