GuildAds allows multiple independant players to create a channel for chatting, and exchange objects. Inside a channel, players can
  - chat
  - see which objects are need by others
  - see which objects are gived / sell by others
  - see skills of all players
  - inspect other player everywhere 

If you are looking for the version 1 see
It does NOT send account information : to group player by account, a random id is created.
User manual see web site :
More in details Left click on Guildads minimap button to open GuildAds. Make a right click to open the options window. You can also use hotkey, or chat command :
 - /guildads toggle
 - /guildads config
ad's owner are show in grey when they are offline. Trade tab there is subtab :
 - need tab shows items need by players.
 - have tab shows items offer/sell by others players.
 - skills tab shows all crafted items by players. To send this information, you need to open yours profession windows.
 - my ads tab shows your own ads. To add an item shift-click on an item when this frame is opened. It work with your inventory, your bank, vendors, auction house, equipment, inspect window, tradeskills, chat link. It also handles these addons : MyInventory, AllInOneInventory, MyBank, BankItem, BankStatement, Auctioneer, MyBags, OneBag, EngInventory, ItemsMatrix, LootLink.
Guild tab
 - This tabs shows all players with level, class, race, and guild. Group by account show reroll.
Inspect - In guild tab, right click on player name, you will be able to inspect, invite, whisper the selected player. Chat channel If you are in a guild : - if the pattern [GA:channelName,password] or [GA:channelName] is found in Guild Info text, you join channelName (with the password if it is set). - if the pattern is not found, you join GuildAds<name of your guild without space>. If you are not in guild, you join GuildAds<your name> channel. You can can change the default behaviour, in the options window. /ga allow to speak on the GuildAds channel as /g or /p Chat commands
 /guildads : show/hide GuildAds window
 /guildads config : show GuildAds configuration window
 /guildads reset all : erase all GuildAds data, and reset the user interface (you will have "some" lag).
 /guildads reset channel : erase all data about the current channel.
 /guildads debug on : show the debug tab
 /guildads debug off : hide the debug tab
 /guildads debug info : show some debug informations

Feature Requests

If you have a feature requests, you can see the current list and post a new one here :


And view the list, and submit bugs here :


- Ian Pieragostini (WantAds) : GuildAds started as a modification of WantAds - Sij (Guilded) for chat communication - Vincent of Blackhand (Component) for shift-click hook - ElPico for enchant support - Cloudernia & Graurock for german translation - [email protected] Errantes, Simon Calas for spanish translation - My guild for the tests - apearse, galmok for all feedbacks.


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