This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


GEM sync with ingame calendar is currently disabled due to many changes made by blizzard with WoW 4.0+


Starting with version 3.60, we added a new feature that allows GEM to synchronize events with blizzard in-game calendar.

All you have to do is check the option "bliz_cal" in the channel configuration window in GEM-UI, and every time you create an event, it will automatically be created in the game calendar and will be synchronized automatically.

Players will then have the possibility to subscribe/unsubscribe either in GEM or in blizzard calendar (and from wow-armory). Of course, blizzard calendar has less options than GEM, so you won't be able to enter a subscribe comment or a role.

Note: This option is currently supported ONLY for the guild channel.



This AddOn allows you to create/schedule/manage future raid instance directly in-game. Players can register (join) and reserve a room for your instance, or cancel subscription. You can setup a maximum players for your event, as well as the min/max per class or role.

When a player wants to join and there is no room left for his class, he is put in a ''substitute'' queue, waiting for someone to cancel his subscription. The leader of an event does not have to be logged in for a player to subscribe.

This addon has been designed to help guilds to schedule events, and its member to say ''*I'll be there*'', and count the number of players that are ok for an instance. It does work for multiple guilds (kind of Alliance of guilds), if you want, or even with your friend list.

All dates are stored in universal time, and displayed in local time, so if someone creates an event in a different timezone than yours, you will see the correct time on your side.

The GEM team is proud to announce you the release of GEM WebSync, a tool that allows you to synchronize your Event sheduling with your webserver. Get GEM PHP and GEM WS AddOn here on curse. GEM PHP is the web part to install on your webserver, and GEM WS AddOn the ingame plugin for GEM3.



Using GEM InGame

Configuring GEM InGame

How do I change the position of the minimap icon?

You can change the angle of the minimap icon by dragging it with the right mouse button around the minimap as well as by holding the CTRL key pressed while dragging to modify the radius

How can I hide/show the Minimap icon ?

In the "Options" tab, go to general tab an check the appropriated checkbox

How do I prevent the tooltips from displaying ?

In the "Options" tab, go to general tab an check the appropriated checkbox

How do I prevent the events from all my toons to be shown?

In the "Options" tab, go to general tab an check the appropriated checkbox

How can I enable or disable the debugging ?

In the "Options" tab, go to general tab an check the appropriated checkbox after that a new tab called "Debug" will apear. There you can define further debugging options

How to change the Notifying?

GEM3 has an integrated notify in system. The notifying is done by a blinking minimap icon and/or by an audio notification. The audio notification is aimed for people hiding the minimap icon. You can choose the notifying level, the following options are possible Notification are applying to events on the channels i am connected to.

  • Notify New : Notify me when a new event was created
  • Notify Changes : Notify me when an event has been modifyed (Name, date, comment, limits etc...)
  • Notify Date change : Notify me when an events date has been modifyed
  • Notify subscriptions : Notify me when some has subscribed or changed his subscription for an event
  • Myself: Notify me for all the selected notifications when i am the event leader Notify me for bans and Kicks is a bit different, it display a popup box that tells me that i have been banned or kicked from an event.
Date & Time parameters


How do I add a new Channel ?

Go to the config/channels tab and set a channel name password(optional) slash and alias and click add. that's all you channel is created.


Surf over the grid of the sample calendar to see on the left the corresponding color definitions. Colors can be set for the square outline, the background and the text, this a re the three check boxex you see left to the describing text.

Event Creation

First steps to create an event

You need to be connected to a channel prior creating events. You need at least an event name, and a correct date, that means in the future. You can either change the value of an editboxe by using your mousewheel over it, by entering the value with your keyboard. The date values can be definied by opening the calendar with the little arrow on the right of the date fields.

How to use event Templates?

Prior using templates you need to define some. This can be either done by

  • Importing template templates in the "general" configuration
  • Creating new Templates using the "Create as Template" button in the event creation dialog
  • Right clicking existing events an saving them as templates.
What are event types ?

Event type are helping you to habe a better way organizing your event. Using event types allows you to filter the event list by this types.

What are event subtypes ?

Event subtype are equal to the existing WoW Raid Instance Tags. This allows you to assing one ore more Instances to your event. After that you will see little icons in the event list showing that an event has a tag, and also see an icon on the right of the players in the event players list that allready are tag to one of the instances you have linked to this event.

How to use creation of multiple events at once ?

After havin a correctly defined event in the creation form, choose the weekdays you want that event to be created as well as the number of week. Clicking the "create" button, this event will be created every choosen weekday for the number of entered weeks.

How do I use the limits ?

Limits are easy to use, simply define them as needed.

I can't create no events, why ?

Either you are not connected to a channel, or the data you entered in the creation form is not valid. If the data entered is not correct, you should see a message in the status bar indication waht is going wrong.

Event viewing & subscription

The first tab in the main window shows you the existing events, existing event templates and archived events. On the top right you can use two checkboxes to switch between '''archived''' events, '''template''' and actually defined events. You can filter the eventlist by choosing a channel with the given dropdown list or by usind the event type button on the top left of the list.

How can I see the event details

To see the details of an event, simply click on it and it opens showing you all the details.

How do I subscribe to an event ?

To subscribe to an event you need first to show the event details. On the right side the context frame shows you the subscription form. Choose your toon, your role and alternate role, your availability and hit the subscribe button.

How to I change my subscription ?

Follow the same instruction as for subscribing to an event an hit the modify button.

How do I revoke my subscription

Revoking an subsribtion you have done is not possible. You only can declare yourself 'Not Coming' either by checking the appropriated checkbox in the subscription form or by hitting the revoke button.


Extract .zip file to WorldOfWarcraft\Interface\AddOns\


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