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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Guild Tithe enables and automates voluntary contributions of money to your guild bank. With it, you can easily set aside a percentage of your income, and then deposit it automatically into your guild bank whenever you visit it. All options can be individually configured.

Guild Tithe was originally based on the Guild Tax, Tithe and Donation Helper written by walking_fishy.

Looking to localize this addon in your language? Help me out and send Vandesdelca32 a PM on Curse or Curseforge, and I can add you to the translators list!

You're not required to, but please donate. It all helps me continue to make these addons better!


  • Automatic deposit into your guild bank of preselected portions of your earnings.
  • Able to individually set tithe percentages for money gained from the following sources:
    • Looting monsters
    • Quest rewards
    • Sales to vendors
    • Your mail
    • From trades

Version 2 Changes

If you're using version 2, you can use the following slash commands. All of them will work with /gt, /tithe, and /guildtithe, any argument in brackets ( ) is optional. Commands separated by slashes (/) are interchangeable.


options/configShow the options frame
mini (show/hide/lock)Provided with no argument, will toggle the draggable mini-frame. Provided with show or hide, will force that state. Use lock to lock the frame.
reset (tithe/config/pos)Reset your current tithe (This happens if you don't pass an argument), the global config, or the window positions, if you lost one.
totalShows the total amount you've deposited.
current/titheShow the current outstanding tithe.

Feature Changes!

Among the slash commands, a few other things have changed:

  • The mini-frame now can be locked (/gt mini lock)
  • The options frame has some spiffy new textures
  • The options frame can toggle debug mode
  • The sliders can also be set by entering a value in the text box beside them
  • The options frame no longer cares where you put it last, or whether or not it was showing when you logged out, it always resets it's position and hidden state after a UI load.
  • The frames are all clamped to the screen
  • Entirely new codebase!
  • Frames are now skinned if the user is using ElvUI!
  • Ability to have the current tithe be put into a mail. Just click on the Mini-Frame when it's unlocked, and the mail frame is open!
  • DataBroker support! (It works the same as the mini-frame, except in your favourite LibDataBroker viewers, ie. Titan Panel)

And there are some planned features for 2.0

  • Better options frame textures and layout


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