GuildBOT! 1.6.4

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

v1.6.4 -> ADD'D ReminderBot, Displays Messages Advertising GuildBot, but totaly customizable to any custom messages to a set time to display.

NOTE: NEW VERSION 1.6.3nc - if you are updating use this command if you get errors! "/script SetupVar["COUNT"] = 0;" you should only have to use that command once, first use-only when upgrading.. I tried to impliment it into the code, but wrote 5 different codes, and it messed up..

Also, if you are having trouble using it... try to Dissable other addons and run it standalone. could be an addon conflict, i will try to update using unique variables if this is the case.

it seems someone has told me why its not working for some users, i will be focusing on this very soon on the next update if 1.6.3 doesnt solve this. but should work standalone if you dissable other addons.

Color codes removed from this version, i guess its one of the things blizzard has changed from WOTLK to CATA.. This should work!


GuildBot has Saved me from guild members asking the same questions over and over again! It also helps Noobies Find info they need So they can quit asking the guildmaster, knowing im allways busy working on our guild website or managing our guild forum, or running raids, or leading guild BG's, etc etc...

This Addon saves GM's Alot of hassle!

Also sets up alot of options for GM's.... you can share your tradeskill in guild using $TRADEBOT, it saves all professions to a stored database so they only have to register once, and any guild member can access the who is online with a tradeskill they need or want!

Curently Setup for WOTLK, Confirmed compatible for CATACLYSM... $REPBOT has CATA data!

Only setup for Guildmaster use right now, officer use is in the works... you can't have more than 1 copy running in the guild at a time, you will get double messages..

if you like it, send me an email! Many guild members who have used it tell me its the neatest thing they have ever seen!! They like it alot, hope u do!

I need some ideas, so please email me your ideas, not sure if ill be able to follow the download sites where this is uploaded because I have a busy schedule and im currently the only one working on this project!

Taking PAYPAL donations if you like it, any amount! it took me a while to designand develop and debug!!!




Just Type "$HELP" or "$GUILDBOT" in guild chat and it lists all commands you can use! THAT EASY!!

slash commands to bring up the gui are: "/gbot" or "/guildbot"


Command List:
  • $HELP/$GUILDBOT - Main Guildbot Display
  • $GM - Allows GPS Tracking of GuildMaster
  • $BANK - Tells users how much Gold is in the vault w/o going to the bank!
  • $RANK - Tells users how to gain rank in guild!
  • $DING - Used for when users levelup or hit level achievement
  • $TRADEBOT - Used for Tracking proffessions of users online!
  • $LEVELBOT - Used to tell user where to Level or find Specific level stuff
  • $RAIDBOT - Keeps Stats of Guild
  • $REPBOT - Tells users where to go and what rewards are for becoming Exaulted
  • $ONLINE - Reports in Number form how many guild members are online
  • $LAGBOT - Allows comparing Latency With GM's latency
  • $EVENTS - Lets you focus your guilds power on specific areas ingame
  • $CONTESTS - Lets you List Guild Contests
  • $VOTEBOT - Lets users run polls in guild
  • $WEBSITE - Informs users of Guild Website


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