Broker - WorldEvents for Hallow's End

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

NEW: Smaller tooltip display, divived by characters.
NEW: Ignore list, characters in this list wont be taken in consideration by the alarm

This addons helps you keep a close eye on the Hallow's End events,
you can track:

  • Remainig time on Trick or Treat
  • Did you got a Bag or got Tricked
  • Last time you killed the Headless Horseman
  • Las time you completed the daily quest "Smash the Pumpkin"
  • Did you got a Hallowed Helm?
  • Did you got a Horseman Reins?
  • Did you got the Pet?
  • Did you got the Broom?

All of this for each Character in your account.

Its a data broker addon so you can use any Data broker Display addon such as:
Bazooka, to show the information as you please.

Current features:

  • Displaying by Icon or text NEW
  • Information display by Character NEW
  • Discovering of loot from achivements
  • Sound and message alert for when a character can Trick or Treat again
  • Slash command for configuration:


  • /we alarm (current configuration)
  • /we alarm on|off
  • /we alarm [number of minutes] (time between alarm activation)
  • /we alarm soundon (alarm sound ON)
  • /we alarm soundoff (alarm sound OFF)
  • /we alarm ignore list (List characters on the ignore list for alarms) NEW
  • /we alarm ignore add [altname] (Add characters) NEW
  • /we alarm ignore del [altname] (Delete characters NEW

Features currently being developed:

  • Realm switching if theres enough interest

Source code is based on Ara_Broke TradeSkillsl.
Thanks goes to the author Aranarth for such a wonderfull addon!


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