Hansgar And Franzok Assist

Important: this addon isn't being developed anymore.
Any new version you see after Aug 30, 2016 are only for external libraries updates.


Shows a panel with 20 blocks representing the tracks.

When the Smart Stampers phase starts, the panel is shown and start to track the position of your raid.
The addon starts to paint the blocks whenever a player pass through a track.
The block with a yellow border is the block which you are current in.


/hansgar delay <delay>: is the amount of time the player can stand in the track before move, default value is 5.
/hansgar test show hide: turns on the addon and start track the movement or hide it.
/hansgar cooldown: show the countdown number for stampers go back to ceiling.
/hansgar lock unlock: toggle lock and unlock on the frame.
/hansgar dance: toggle dance bar (used to dodge regular stampers and searing plates).
/hansgar autofacing: toggle if the dance bar auto switch sides if your character is facing north or south. Enabled by default.
/hansgar facing <1 or 2>: when autofacing is disabled, 1 set the orientation to north -> south, and 2 set the south -> north.
/hansgar users: show who is using the addon in the raid.
/hansgar resetpos: reset the position of all frames.
/hansgar stopcast: show the alert to stop casting (for Disrupting Roar).

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