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Harbinger: Combat Log Event Announcer

Harbinger is a combat log event announcer that aims to give you the tools to announce events the way you want it, when you need it. Annoncements can be controlled using a wide variety of conditions that can be combined to pinpoint extremely specific situations, and what gets announced can be customized using flexible message patterns that allow you to embed information about and based on the current event.

Harbinger also works hard to ensure the correctness of its output, at least as hard as the limitations of the World of Warcraft API allows, to enable you to make decisions based on announcements and avoid annoying your fellow group members with incorrect spam. It also gives you the tools to, should you choose to use them, create grammatically correct messages.

Harbinger is currently in alpha testing and seeing active use in dungeons with great success. Once core functionality is in place we will focus on creating a helpful configuration interface and then we will be ready to enter beta testing to iron out bugs and add spell data etc. If you would like to help beta test the addon, please get in touch with us at beta@harbingeraddon.com or contact us on Twitter @HarbingerAddon.

For more information, follow the project on Twitter @HarbingerAddon for news and updates from the Harbinger Development Team.


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