This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Tired of updating a macro for posting book spawn timers for the Higher Learning achievement? HigherLearning simplifies the process of updating and announcing timers for the spawning of those oh-so-annoying books!


Sugested 2nd addon and more information for this Achievement : Dalaran University

List of commands

For a list of commands in game, type /hl help

  • /du show : shows DalaranUniversity frame (when installed)
  • /hl toggle : Toggle display of the HigherLearning timer frame
  • /hl ann : Announce the timers to the specified channel
  • /hl chan <channel> : Specify the channel!
  • /hl set <book> <time> : Sets the timer for a specific books.
    <book> must be one of:
    UVC - Upper Violet Citadel (near the portal to Caverns of Time)
    LVC - Lower Violet Citadel (bookshelf to the right as you enter)
    DVC - Dalaran Visitor's Center (on the floor to the right as you enter)
    ULL - Upper Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf in the room across from the stairway)
    LLL - Lower Legerdemain Lounge (bookshelf across from the 'bar')
    ToF - Threads of Fate (2nd Floor Balcony)
    VG - Violet Gate (1st Floor, by the Teleport)
    VH - Violet Hold (by the Normal Dungeon Daily Questgiver)
    If <time> is not specified, the timer will be set for (current time + 3 hours).
  • /hl reset <book> : Resets the timer for a specific book. <book> can also be "ALL" to reset all books.
  • /hl list : Lists the timers to your chat window
  • /hl whisper : Toggles allowing other players to whisper you with "!time". If enabled, when whispered, you will reply with your timers.
  • /hl parse : Enables parsing of the chat channel specified with "/hl chan". Your timers will be updated with other times posted to that channel.


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