HoloFriends (continued)

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HoloFriends (continued) v0.470

This addon implements an extended friends window in WoW to offer you a better management of your friends and ignores.
For an overview and some help have a look at the screenshots: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/holo-friends-continued/images/

New features in this version:
* HoloFriends got a search function (mass invite in the search group)
* Popup window if a monitored friend came online
Fixes in this version:
* disabled rename and remove pulldown menu buttons for FRIENDS, IGNORE, SEARCH group
* fix for some edit boxes where the ENTER key was not working
* fix for not reacting friends list after removing the online status from a friend (after removing a friend from the in-game friends list, the server is not sending a confirmation anymore)


Fixes in v0.471:
* fix to ignore "Unknown" entries in the in-game friends and ignore list, which could crash the game (for faction wide lists, the related entries are readded, which removes the "Unknown" entries)
* fix to remove the display of the flag in the first column of the ignore list
Fixes in v0.472:
* fix for empty friends list if RealID friends are online
* fix to ignore "Unknown" entries for not faction wide lists
Fixes in v0.473:
* fixes the init of the options at the first time start of HoloFriends
Fixes in v0.474:
* fixes a bug with the invite of RealID friends via eMail or battle tag
Fixes in v0.475:
* fix to add friends from other realms
* fix for not updating lists after removal of friend/ignore (missing system message)
Fixes in v0.476:
* fix for the address list at the mail frame (own chars are now listed first)
Fixes in v0.477:
* fix for removed global variable holding the realm name
* temporary check button on top of the window to disable all functions which taint the who-frame with patch 5.4.1 (options panel, menus, window switches). I suggest the use of the addon !Swatter to suppress the annoying tainting window. (!Swatter is part of the addon suite Auctioneer, but can be installed separately)
Fixes in v0.478:
* try to fix two reported bugs (undefined values at VARIABLES_LOADED and PLAYER_LOGOUT)
Fixes in v0.479:
* fixed a bug with the new version of the auto-complete of player names
* remove of the bug fix from the former version of HoloFriends (fixed by Blizzard)
Fixes in v0.480:
* fix for a bug which disabled the invite of realID friends from other servers in the pull-down menu of the HoloFriends friends window
Fixes in v0.481:
* fix for invite of realID friends from other servers
Fixes in v0.482:
* some optimisation to solve the time out problem with the addon oqueue (ticket 64)
* fix for the change of friends to/from the online/offline friends list, to mark the change only if it was successful
* fix for the char (address) list of the letter box: own chars of both factions are now listed on top and only once
* fix to the friends list in the share window, where the sharing of friends in groups with names starting with A to S had problems
* the list of own chars in the friends share window is now sorted correctly
* it should now be possible to remove your Pandaren chars which have no faction
* tentative try of a localization for Brazilian Portuguese (ptBR) by Kasth
Fixes in v0.483:
* changed event handling to reduce delays in window updates
* skip unnecessary list updates (at friends list show or hide)
* added a new milliseconds timer
* included continuation of the list update at an other time step in case of run time > 60ms (because at 100ms run time it gives a time out error in combat)
* fix to ignore menus without a name
* added a few more debug messages
Fixes in v0.484:
* included an option to disable the automatic /who-scan
New in v0.485:
* max. number of online friends is now 200
New in v0.486:
* fixes a problem with menus of the addon Mogit
New in v0.487:
* fixes for WoW patch 6.2.4
New in v0.488:
* identification of the realID friends by battleTag and bnetIDAccount (old identification is lost, thus all realID and battleTag friends names have to be given again) -> old realID friends list entries marked inactive (offline) can be deleted (see the not checked check box in front of realID friends in the HoloFriends friends list)
* fixed the input dialog for the real name of realID and battleTag friends
* fixed drag and drop of friends and move to group right click menu in the friends list
* fixed the whisper entry in the right click menu for realID and battleTag friends
* fix to set unused entries in the right click menu inactive in the friends list
* fixed the creation and modify of notes for realID and battleTag friends
* includes more localization for zhCN by Aladdinn
New in v0.489:
* removed the addon loaded message
New in v0.490:
* Try to fix who-scans of bnet-friends at other bnet-game than WoW
New in v0.491:
* Another try to fix the who-spam related to LibWho-2.0 and a change of a in-game function in the past (many thanks for the help of _Polgara_)
New in v0.492:
* With LibWho-2.0 a new who request is only executed if no other who request is active, to limit who-spam if an addon is not accounting for LibWho-2.0 events (LibWho-2.0 is globaly disabling the regular in-game who event)
* Skip class scan with who for realID friends to have less who requests
* Ignore every who-request for realID friends if the client is not WoW
* Limit the number of silent who requests by scanning the online state with SendAddonMessage
* Hide system messages for silent requests now in all chat frames
* Added clear comment to the option which disables all who requests of HoloFriends
New in v0.493:
* Fix of PlaySound() for patch 7.3.0


  • handle a single faction wide friends and ignore list for some or all your chars
  • order your friends and ignore list in groups
  • manage more than 100 friends and more than 50 ignores
  • update the status of friends (>100), not monitored online by WoW, with one button click
  • ignore all chat messages and invitations to group, guild, and duel for offline ignores
  • show a message, if one of your in-game monitored friends or ignores vanished
  • RealID friends are supported with optional display of the char name behind/before the real name
  • the in-game friends and ignore lists are accessible
  • configurable buttons at the bottom of the friends and ignore list windows
  • add long comments (up to 500 letters) to your friends and ignore list
  • the first 48 letters of the comments are saved to the in-game friend notes
  • monitor notes of the in-game friends list (support for other addons)
  • optional upend in-game friend notes with HoloFriends comments
  • display location, comment or bcast message, and optional level behind the friends name
  • show extended informations at a tooltip beside the friend list entry
  • search the friends and ignore list for names and comments (hide keywords with the #-sign) (New)
  • optional list only online friends
  • optional show only groups with online friends at the friends list
  • optional sort all online friends at the top of the group lists
  • optional display of class icons to friends
  • optional display of friend name in class color
  • save the date of last seen for your friends
  • save and set data for your own chars (if included in the friends list)
  • show the number of online/offline friends and ignores (optional at groups)
  • mark a friend to monitor its status and show a message window if he came online (New)
  • optional add players to the friends or ignore list by pull down menus (no friends window required)
  • optional add the who-request to several pull down menus
  • optional black opaque background for pull down menus
  • optional new method for pull-down menu entries (no tainting)
  • right click option to invite all friends of a group at once
  • right click menu to move friends directly to another group
  • share your friends and ignores including the comments across your other chars
  • update friends and ignore data between your chars
  • optional merge HoloFriends comments during sharing
  • share and update whole groups of friends and ignores
  • the update of groups optional marks not existing friends/ignores at the destination list
  • merge the lists of some or all your chars to one faction wide friends/ignore list
  • allow separation of your chars from the faction wide friends/ignore list
  • HoloFriends help (FAQ) at the interface options panel
  • optional show the list of online friends in the chat window at startup
  • substitute all friend names and your char names, i.e. to the letter box


You would like to have HoloFriends at your language?
I'm looking for translators to HoloFriends and the WEB page content.
Send me a note at curse, if you want to join the team as translator. The translations are easily managed with a WEB interface.
Public translations at curse are closed.

The project home is:
There you will find a ticket system for feature requests and bug reports:

Localization by

Andymon - German (deDE)
zwlong9069 - Simplified Chinese (zhCN)
Aladdinn, zwlong9069, skywalkertw - Traditional Chinese (zhTW)
marturo77 - Latin American Spanish (esMX)
oXid_FoX - French (frFR)

HoloFriends FAQ

Important note for Asian clients:
If you drag a RealID friend for the first time in the HoloFriends friends list to move it to an other group, you are ask to type the name of the RealID friend.
Asian names may need a trailing space at the name.
Thats, because EU and US names consits of two parts, the given name and the surname. Both parts are separated by a space at the server. Some Asian names have no separate part, but the server require the space as separator to the not used surname.

Q: Does this mod show when your friends were last logged on? I find that a very useful thing.
A: HoloFriends show you for your friends the date of last seen. As I know, its only possible to get the date of last login for guild members.

Q: Anybody know what checking the little boxes does?
A: There are little check-boxes in front of the player names (have a look at the screenshot "Display all friends"). If this box is checked, then the friend is included in the in-game friends list of WoW, else the friend is only included in the friends list of HoloFriends.
Friends in the in-game friends list of WoW are online updated by the game and you see the current status. But the in-game friends list has a limit of max. 100 friends.
Friends without the checked box (only included in the friends list of HoloFriends) are not monitored by the game. The status of this friends has to be checked using the "/who" command of WoW (click the "/who scan" button). This check is relatively slow, because the game force a time break between the execution of two "/who" commands.

Q: It says "update the status of friends (>100), not monitored online by WoW, with one button click" but that doesnt make it very clear.
A: Because of the slow scan with /who for the friends, not included in the in-game friends list of WoW (check-box at the friend not checked), a status update for this friends is not done automatically. You have to start the "/who Scan" manually by one click at the red button "/who Scan" in the upper right corner of the friends list window.
Keep in Mind: If the "/who Scan" is running, the /who command will not work.

Q: Why is "set focus" disabled in some pull down menus?
A: I had to disable it, because with normal menu modifications you would get an error message "function blocked by blizzard".
The setup of the focus seem to be an overall protected function in the game. It is a feature of the game, that protected functions don't work, if there is any unsigned modification of its appearing window, in this case the pull down menu.
Thats, I included options in the HoloFriends options panel to disable the menu-modifications of HoloFriends, to enable the "set focus" pull down menu entry.
Optional I included a new method to modify pull-down menus without this problem (called tainting). But this methode uses basic menu functions, which could get changed or protected in the future. Thats, the default methode is still included.

Q: Why is in a raid in combat the raidmember window empty, if HoloFriends is loaded?
A: This should not happen anymore, because HoloFriends now uses its own independent window.
It is a feature of the game, that protected windows don't work in combat, if there is any unsigned modification of its appearing window.
The raid-window is part of the friends-window, where also the friends list window is a part of it. The friends list window was in the past modified by HoloFriends. And HoloFriends is not signed by Blizz.

Q: Is there a way to keep the groups and membership in those groups in sync across your alts?
A: Yes.
You can use a faction wide friends list for some or all your alts, where all this chars using the same friends list in HoloFriends. Also the online friends list at the server is synchronized.
Or you can manually sync single groups of your alts.

The addition to the faction wide friends list and also the sync of single groups is accomplished at the share frame of HoloFriends. You find it over the lowermost middle button at the friends list window or by navigating to "Main menu -> Interface -> Addon's -> HoloFriends -> Share friends".

To add a char to the faction wide friends list, select it from the pull down button in the upper part of the window, and click at the add button in the lower part of the window, in the faction wide friends list section. Do not mark any entry in the lists.

To share/update a group with other chars of you, select the origin char from the pull down button on top of the lists. Mark the groups to share at the check button of the group in the left list. Mark your destination chars at the right list, and click at the "add"/"update"-button below the lists. "add" only add not existing friends to the groups of the destination chars and "update" synchronice the data of all friends of the selected groups with your selected destination chars.
There is an option at the HoloFriends options panel, which allow to mark removed friends at the origin group in the group of the destination chars. Friends are moved to other selected groups automatically, but not removed from the groups. You have to remove it manually.

Q: Thanks for the intro. Will this also keep the groups and members in sync or will i have to follow this proceduce each time i add a member to a group and or create new groups? It would be great if there was an option to keep these in sync without the "update" process you described.
A: The faction wide friends list feature of HoloFriends is what you are looking for. For its use, see the description above.

The faction wide friends list is one single friends list for some or all your alts of one faction of the realm. There is no sharing anymore. All changes to the friends list are done for all chars, and the online friends lists at the WoW-server of your alts are synchronized at login.
But, there is a limit with this faction wide friends list feature: HoloFriends needs priority over the friends lists of WoW. This means, that no other friends list addon will work together with HoloFriends for the chars of you, which are using the faction wide friends list feature.

Q: I wonder if it's possible to remove a friend from one character and then sync that remove to the other characters. Ie if I remove friend X from my char and then select the other chars will it remove the friend from their lists too?
A: If you are using the faction wide friends list, the online friends lists of your alts at the server are updated to the state of the HoloFriends friends list after you login to the alt with HoloFriends loaded. Thats, if you remove a friend from the faction wide HoloFriends friends list, it is removed automaticly from the servers friends list at login to your alt.

If you are using the normal mode with single friends lists for all your alts, you have to share the group in the share panel of HoloFriends to your alts. If one friend in the shared group was removed, it is optional only marked (strike through) at the friends lists of your alts, but not removed. You have to remove it manually after login to your alt. (Thats, to allow the support of other addons.)

Q: Is there a way to automatically sync your friends lists or a way to select all the names in the manual sync? Unless I am missing something, I've only been able to sync by clicking on each individual name one at a time.
A: You can also share whole groups by checking the group. After checking, the group is collapsed, but has still the check-box checked.

Q: My other friend list addon don't work like expected if I'm using HoloFriends too. Is HoloFriends not compatible?
A: Yes / No
HoloFriends should be compatible to other addons, if you are using single friends lists for every char of you.

The faction wide friends list feature of HoloFriends is not compatible with some other friend list addons. Mainly adding or removing friends by other addons is ignored by the faction wide friends list of HoloFriends, because the faction wide friends list needs priority over the in-game friends list. Thats, if you make changes to the in-game friends list without HoloFriends loaded, the faction wide friends list of HoloFriends will undo it, the next time HoloFriends is loaded. So, if you play at different computers or don't use HoloFriends all time, you should not use the faction wide friends list feature of Holofriends.

Q: Some time ago I used HoloFriends with a faction wide friends list, but played without it for some time now. If I'm now load HoloFriends again, will it undo all my changes to the friends list I've done in the meantime?
A: If a faction wide friends list was not used for a time of more then 30 days, HoloFriends will ask you at login, if you want to load it and undo all other changes or start with your actual single in-game friends list. The faction wide friends list still exist, and you can access it over the sharing window.


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