HudMap Cataclysm Encounters

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

HudMap Required!

This addon is a module to HudMap that will add Cataclysm Encounters to HudMap. HudMap is required for this addon to function.


Requires the latest version of HudMap!

"Red" Options

Any options that are red are untested, experimental, or unfinished. Use them at your own risk (Note: Very unlikely that anything bad will happen from these, and enabling them will help test them). These options will always be disabled by default. Also note that release versions may contain experimental features, but are unlikely to contain unfinished features.


Any feedback is appreciated! General comments can be left in the comments section. For issues, suggestions, or complaints please make a ticket on curseforge.

Supported Encounters

Note: This addon currently doesn't support many Firelands fights. There is a possibility for a few things to be added, but overall I felt nothing in this tier was really important to have in HudMap. If there are any mechanics in 4.3 that would be greatly simplified with the use of HudMap I am going to try my best to add those encounters.


  • Shannox
  • Majordomo Staghelm
  • Beth'tilac

Bastion of Twilight

  • Valiona and Theralion
  • Twilight Ascendant Council
  • Cho'Gall
  • Sinestra (Experimental)

Blackwing Descent

  • Omnotron Defense System
  • Maloriak
  • Chimaeron

Requesting Encounters/Mechanics

If you would like to request a mechanic or entire encounter to be added, please make a ticket. Try to be as specific as possible. I have not done many of the heroic encounters, so if you can give me the following information it would be really helpful.

Mechanic spellIDs

Can be found by searching wowhead, or by checking DBM files for the encounter which usually contain any needed spellIDs.

How to track the mechanic

  • Is it an aura that is applied? If so, what is the duration of the aura, and does the aura get removed in any way other than the duration expiring?
  • Is it spell cast? If so, does the boss target the person it is cast on (If not, it cannot be tracked)? How long does it take for the effect to apply?
  • Is it accompanied by an emote? If so, is it a mechanic that targets the entire raid (Ex. Empowered Shock Vortex from ICC)? How long should this be tracked for?
  • What is the range of the effect (This can be difficult to find sometimes because Blizzard likes to use "nearby" in its tooltips often)?


New translations are always welcome. Feel free to add translations in the "Localization" tab.



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