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Supported WoW Versions

  • 7.3.5


====Version 4.0.0

* Configuration are now account wide with profile support
* MainName and NickName deprecated in favor of a single Identity field, with option in each channel to have a channel specific Identity
* Moved all configurations to a GUI instead of using commands. Any old command will open the new GUI
* Rewrite of the code in preparation for Battle for Azeroth Communities support

====Version 3.4.1

Fixed wrong value

====Version 3.4.0

TOC bump

====Version 3.3.4

Definitely not April's Fool stuff

====Version 3.3.3

* TOC bump

====Version 3.3.2

* TOC bump

====Version 3.3.1

* TOC bump

====Version 3.3.0

* Added support for the Instance channel

====Version 3.2.0

* code optimization for future GUI
* zone command removed, for zone info in the identity the token %z should be used

====Version 3.1.0

* TOC bump

====Version 3.0.1

* updated the readme file
* improved the way to format the Identity string, added tokens to set the zone, level, guild, and realm.
* added a check for new configurations on version change
* added message slash command to define the load message behavior
* improved the help command
* zone command is now obsolete, but remains functional for backwards compatibility

===Version 2.2-60100

* updated ToC to 6.1

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