This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


  • A completely transparent replacement back-end for Blizz's ignore list.
  • No limit to how many ignores you have.
  • Ignored names are server-wide meaning that if you ignore someone on one character, he will be ignored on all characters of the same realm.
  • Unlike Blizz's back-end, the player being added doesn't need to be online to be added.
  • You can set your ignored players to expire in however long (defaults to never) at which time they will be removed from your ignore list.
    • Use the slash command, /impignore, to set it.
  • If you join a party/raid with an ignored player contained therein or an ignored player joins your party/raid, a dialog will popup to alert you of their presence. You will only see this once per player per group unless you or the player leaves the group and rejoins.

Slash Command

/impignore [char|global] <time>
set time for current user. Setting this overrides the "global" setting, but does not disable it.
set time for all characters. Setting this overrides the "char" setting.
a number in seconds (alias <number>s).
<number>s - time in seconds.
<number>m - time in minutes.
<number>h - time in hours.
<number>d - time in days.
<number>w - time in weeks.

Note: Any number of the above in any order can be passed to the slash command. Separate each by a space. Do not put a space between the number and the unit identifier.
Note: A value of 0 will disable the expiration timer.

/impignore global 5d 3h
set to expire in 5 days and 3 hours
/impignore char 4w
set to expire in 4 weeks
/impignore global 3w 4d 3h 5m 38s
set to expire in 3 weeks 4 days 3 hours 5 minutes and 38 seconds.
/impignore global 3.5h
set to expire in 3 hours and 30 seconds.

Ignore Reason

  • To add a reason to an ignored player:
    • Double-click the player's name on the Ignore Frame.
    • Right-click the player's name on the Ignore Frame and click "Reason".
  • The reason, if set, will show on the tooltip for the players' names on the Ignore Frame and on the tooltip for the popup dialog when an ignored player is found in your group.

Having Issues or have a Suggestion?

  • Please don't use the comments to post trouble tickets or suggestions. Instead post a ticket on CurseForge. Thanks.
    • Any comments containing bug reports or feature requests will be deleted on sight and any comments asking where or why (referring to said comments) will also be deleted on sight.

Known Issues

BNet (RealID)

  • Does not and will not work for the new BNet chat feature. If you add your friends but don't want to talk to them anymore, remove them from your friend list.

... that can probably be fixed, but I haven't figured out how

  • You have to remove a player twice if they are on Blizzard's ignore list to completely remove them from being ignored.
    • Added in v200904162127
  • The event distributor sometimes sends multiple messages to chat addons. I cannot stop this from happening (not for lack of trying).

... that can be fixed, but I don't feel like it at the moment

  • Players aren't notified of you ignoring them if they whisper you while you are ignoring them.
    • Added in v200904191743 (untested; post a ticket if something is not working)
  • Doesn't block requests for Trade or Duels.
    • Added in v200901241222
  • Doesn't block invites to Guild or Party.
    • Added in v200901241222
  • The default ignore list is not touched; therefore, if you remove a player from your ignore list that was imported, he will still be ignored. You can use /run Blizz_DelIgnore("playerName") to manually remove said player from the default ignore system.
    • v200812272241
      • Added Control-Click to UnIgnore button.
      • Added /blizzignore slash command.
  • Using the Control-Click method to remove default ignores might not work as expected.
    • Sure it will.
  • If you add the name of one of your other characters to the ignore list and log that character, you will not see any of your chat messages including Guild, Officer, General, Trade, Emote, Party, Raid, and Whisper (not that you'll do much whispering to yourself).
    • v200812310149
      • Your current character is removed from the list if found.
  • If you add/remove a name to/from the ignore list by using the /blizzignore slash command that is not being ignored by ImpIgnore but is being ignored by Blizzard's Ignore list (or vice versa), you will swap them between lists.
    • v200812310342
      • The slash command only removes names from Blizzard's ignore list.
  • If you remove a name from ImpIgnore that is being ignored by Blizzard's ignore list without removing it from Bizzard's ignore list, you will still be ignoring it and the name will be reimported when you relog or reload.
    • v200904162127
      • ImpIgnore will remove the player from Blizzard's list first.

... that I can't do anything about!

  • Ignored names are not stored on the server.
  • If an ignored player changes his name (either by choice or by GM intervention), you will not ignore the new name.
  • You can blindly add names to the ignore list without any kind of error checking, even names that have not yet been assigned to any characters.
  • Doesn't block the hidden addon channel.

Blizzard UI & AddOn Conflict Tickets

  • Please note that ImpIgnore only deals with chat events, group invites, duel requests, trade requests, and guild invites. It cannot be conflicting bank, mail, or auction UI's. Please, do not submit tickets or comments for conflicts with addons that have nothing to do with chat events, group invites, duel requests, trade requests, and guild invites. However, if you have an error message with "ImpIgnore.lua" as part of the file path, then feel free to post a ticket with that error message included and don't forget to tell me why you think that the other addon had anything to do with said error message.



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