This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

kAutoQuest's primary feature is to automatically cycle through quest dialogs when interacting with NPCs or objects to quickly acquire quests. It also will attempt to automatically turn-in quests in the same fashion and auto-complete quests with zero or one rewards that don't require player choice. At any time, the user may suppress the automated processes by holding the SHIFT key while interacting with quest dialogs.

kAutoQuest also features the ability to automatically select quest rewards for you based on the magnitude of upgrade an item can provide over your current equipment utilizing the calculation features of the Pawn addon. The best upgrade will be auto-selected upon quest turn-in, and if desired, kAutoQuest can also auto-equip quest reward items that are selected as upgrades at the next possible opportunity when not in combat/dead.

If no upgrade is found in the reward selection for a quest, the most valuable item when sold to a vendor is automatically selected.


  • Auto-accept & auto-complete quests near instantly (hold Shift to suppress automation)
  • Automatically select quest rewards that offer the greatest upgrade using Pawn
  • Automatically select highest vendor-value items if no upgrades are found
  • Automatically select quest rewards from a user-created whitelist
  • Automatically equip selected rewards
  • Selection follows all rules of chosen Pawn scale, such as ignoring items with specific stats or item types
  • Option to never upgrade/equip over heirloom items, unless player exceeds heirloom max level (+exp heirlooms never replaced until after their maximum effective level is exceeded)
  • Option to set a percentage threshold that an upgrade must provide to be selected
  • Option to always select trinket rewards if available (Note: Quests that reward multiple trinkets will never auto-select a reward and will require user selection, since it is unlikely the proper trinket for your role will be auto-selected.)
  • Optional character level settings can determine what level range Reward Selection should be active
  • Option to auto-sell junk to vendor
  • Option to auto-sell quest rewards selected for vendor price (non-upgrades)

Reward Auto-Selection

kAutoRequest requires Pawn to be installed and enabled for all Auto-Selection functionality. Once installed, the Automation options can be found in Interface > kAutoQuest > Reward Automation.

Suppress Outputs

Determines if you wish to suppress text message output for major automatic events kAutoQuest is performing, such as equipping items.

Select Active Scale

This is the primary interaction between kAutoQuest and Pawn. This documentation will not attempt to explain how Pawn works in detail as that is beyond the scope, but simply put to utilize a Pawn Scale with kAutoQuest you must take the following simple steps:

  • In Pawn, make sure you have at least one Scale selected to "show in tooltips", which essentially enables that Scale with Pawn.
  • In the kAutoQuest options under Reward Automation, open the Select Active Scale dropdown and choose the Pawn Scale you wish to use as your primary, sole comparison for quest rewards on this character.
  • Use kAutoQuest!

The Scale selected in the Active Scale dropdown is the one and only Scale that will be used to calculate the relative value of a reward item in comparison to your currently equipped item. If the wrong Scale or no Scale is selected here, kAutoQuest will likely not determine the best upgrade and will default select (usually the first item).

Note: Many default Pawn scales for non-tank classes and specs do not include any stat weighting for Armor, which may cause Pawn to be unable to recognize a low level upgrade that has no stats, but may simply be a boost in Armor. Best practices suggest any Pawn scale used with kAutoQuest should have a stat weight assigned to Armor.

Upgrade Percentage Threshold

This is the minimum percentage upgrade that a quest reward must meet or exceed over your current item, according to the selected Pawn Scale, in order for Auto-Selection to consider the item eligible for selection. Any items of at least this percentage upgrade or higher are in the pool, and the highest upgrade that meets all criteria will be selected.

Always Select Trinket

Using this option will force kAutoQuest to always prefer choosing trinket rewards over other items, even if another item among the reward list is an upgrade. Use with caution, but this can be beneficial since often trinkets will use non-primary stats such as procs or click-effects that cannot be directly evaluated and thus compared by addons such as Pawn.

Enable Auto-Equip

This setting causes kAutoQuest to automatically equip the reward that was selected after any given quest turn in, provided it meets all the other criteria. If items cannot be equipped for some reason at the time of quest completion (such as being in combat or having died), kAutoQuest will continue to check periodically for a moment when equipping is possible, and will auto-equip the new upgrade item at that time.

Retain Heirlooms

Since generally you'll never want to replace an Heirloom item as long as it has not reached it's maximum potential level, using this option will prevent an Heirloom item from being auto-replaced with a quest reward upgrade.

Heirloom Ignore Threshold

Heirlooms have a maximum effective level at which they will stop growing or being effective. Once that level is exceeded, kAutoQuest will automatically replace an heirloom with an upgrade. However, you can use this setting to allow kAutoQuest to start upgrading heirlooms before the maximum heirloom level is reached. For each level set in Heirloom Ignore Threshold, the player can be one level lower than the maximum effective level of the heirloom for upgrades to be considered.

Note: Heirloom items that grant experience bonus will never be replaced until after their effective level is exceeded.

Minimum/Maximum Character Level

Useful for turning off features at certain character level thresholds, this level range determines when kAutoQuest will utilize Reward Automation.

Merchant Settings

Sell Junk

Toggle to automatically sell junk items when visiting a vendor.

Sell High Vendor Value Rewards

Toggle to automatically sell quest rewards that were auto-selected for their high vendor value (and thus not as upgrades). Use caution as this will of course sell items you may wish to use for other specs or even save for tradeskills such as Disenchanting, so use with care.

Whitelist Items

Here you can add or remove items from the Whitelist by entering the exact item ID or item name into the add box. Upon completion of a quest, if auto-reward selection is enabled, kAutoQuest will scan the available rewards and if a reward matches the item ID or item name of an entry in the Whitelist, it will automatically be selected and output will indicate a Whitelist selection was made.

This option is primarily meant for use with daily-style quests where rewards are known but are not equippable items, which kAutoQuest requires in most cases to function.


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