This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This addon shows a basic dungeon tooltip on world and zone maps. It's currently in development so some ionformation isn't yet present. The information listed in the tooltips include:

- the level range of mobs found in that particular zone, as well as whether it is freindly, hostile, or contested with your current faction (Alliance or Horde)
- the exact level range of the summoning stones for the dungeons in that zone (in yellow)
- the exact level range of the mobs found inside the dungeons for the zone (in red)
- in some cases, the minimum level required to enter the instances (in blue)

additional feedback is welcome, as testing by myself is really really slow



To install the addon simply extract all of the files from the ZIP file to "\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\LevelRange".
Then Run the game, login and before selecting a character, press the little button that reads "Addons" in the bottom right corner of the character selection screen.
Make sure that "LevelRange" is checked and is not greyed out. Press OK, select a character and you are done.

To test that it is working just open up the World Map, zoom in/out onto any continent and mouse-over any zone, if all works out well there should be a Tooltip box down in the bottom left corner, or if you have FlightMap installed, in bottom right corner.

Changing Settings
To change some of the settings and features available in LevelRange, you must either use the designated slash commands for each setting, or use the LevelRange Settings UI Frame, which can be accessed by doing the following:
  -Press the [Enter] key to open up the chat.
  -Type "/lr" or "/levelrange", press the [Enter] key a second time
  -The LevelRange Settings UI Frame, will then appear.
  -Change the setting you wish to toggle, by clearing or ticking the box next to the setting.
  -Press the Close button, and continue playing.

If you wish to quickly change settings, or make macros for these settings, to toggle them on and off with ease, use the following commands:
  -Show/hide LevelRange tooltip: "/lr toggle" or "/levelrange toggle".
  -Show/hide instances on the tooltip: "/lr instances" or "/levelrange instances".
  -Show/hide Player vs. Player diplomacy on the tooltip: "/lr pvp" or "/levelrange pvp".
  -Scale the tooltip: "/lr scale #" where # is between 0.1 and 1.0 normally. Default is 0.75.

I have had many people asking me about the compatibility of LevelRange and other addons, at this current moment, the only other addon that has a compatibility issue is FlightMap, because it uses almost the same settings and procedures as LevelRange, but this should be fixed in the next patch. LevelRange is fully compatible with the following other Addons:
  -myAddons - LevelRange is now automatically loaded into the myAddons Map category.

World of Warcraft Update Day
Many people have told me, that after updating World of Warcraft, LevelRange does not work. This is due to World of Warcraft disabling the addon, because it is out of date with the client version. Normally, after update day, I will release a newer version of LevelRange and make it compatible, but if I have not, then you must do the following, to enable LevelRange.
  -Run the game, and login.
  -Before selecting a character, press he little button in the bottom right corner of the screen, that reads "Addons".
  -A frame should appear with with list of all your addons, simply make sure LevelRange is checked.
  -Then at the top, make sure that "Load out of date Addons" is also checked.
  -Press Okay, then choose your character.


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