LFG Timer

Ever wonder how long you've been sitting in an LFG or PvP queue?

This lightweight addon provides a choice of two frames:

  • Movable queue status frame
    • Matches the look and feel of Blizzard's Queue Status frame for 5.x
    • Not stuck to the minimap
  • Movable customizable text frame
    • Show any (or none) of the available queue types
    • Limit what data is show for each queue type
      • Number of party members for each role found
      • Estimated wait time for each of the roles (and you)
    • Use your favorite font
    • Use your favorite background and border textures

This addon supports the following queue types:

  • Looking for Dungeon
    • Random Heroic/Normal Dungeon
    • Specific Heroic/Normal Dungeon
  • Raid Finder
  • Scenarios
  • Looking for Raid
    • Want to raid with people on your realm?
    • Looking for people to obliterate Molten Core?
    • Note: This queue type is only enabled for the Blizzard Queue Status frame
  • PvP
    • Battlegrounds
    • Arena (Season and Skirmish)
  • World PvP
    • Wintergrasp
    • Tol Barad

If you would like to make a suggestion or file a bug report, please visit the project page on CurseForge.


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