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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

(Now there is a Trade Channel edition : Trade Forwarder)

Since wow 3.3, the LFG channel is no longer worldwide, it can only be joined while you are in cities. You can never get infos while out gathering or in dungeons. The serious inconvenience leads to the idea of this addon.

After installing LFG Forwarder, you will join a HIDDEN channel automatically. The addon communicates with others who has also installed it, to choose one in LFG channel, who will afterwards forward the message he saw in LFG to the HIDDEN channel. Therefore others can get LFG messages from the HIDDEN channel wherever they are.

This addon is published to Taiwan WoW players on 2010/1/26, and has been downloaded nearly 2000 times in just a few days. Hundreds of players helped me testing, to prove that it is a very useful addon.

You should know that LFGForwarder only works when at least two players of the same realm and same side installed it. You can't receive LFG messages if no one with this addon is in cities. Tell your friends to get and try this addon. The more players installed LFGForwarder, the more unlikely you will stop receiving LFG messages.

You can config the color and to which Chat Frame that the forwarded message will be shownm, by modifying the "LFGForwarderllll" channel setting in chat frames' settings page.

Some commands:

  • /lfw Temporarily stop showing the forwarded LFG messages. You can press a modified key and click the Look for Dungeon button on main action bar to switch show/hide state.
  • /lfw list A shortcut to see the player list who are in the hidden channel. ( who has installed LFGForwarder)
  • /lfw <message..> Send the message to players who installed LFGForwarder


Because one can easily mimic the message format that LFGForwarder uses, the forwarded messages you see in [LFW] channel may be "FAKE" ones. Always pay attension on the fowarder name whichi is shown at the head of [LFW] message. And I DO NOT take the responsiblity of the possiblity of cheats using LFGForwarder.


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