Library to provide information about resurrections cast in your group.

LibResInfo-1.0 detects resurrection spells being cast by group members, and identifies who they are being cast on. Information is provided to addons through callbacks and API functions.

LibResInfo-1.0 supports all player resurrection spells. It is fully embeddable, completely locale-independent, and does not require any other players in your group to have anything installed. It requires LibStub and CallbackHandler-1.0. It was written as a replacement for LibResComm-1.0, and converting addons from LRC to LRI is fairly simple. If you need help, post in the forum thread linked below.


Please direct all bug reports, suggestions, questions, and comments to the GitHub issue tracker.


Source Code

The source code for LibResInfo is hosted on GitHub:

The above URL can be viewed in your browser, used with your Git or SVN client, or listed in your addon's .pkgmeta file.

Addons Using LibResInfo

If you know of an addon that should be listed here, please post in the forum thread.


Due to limitations of the WoW API, it is not possible to detect:

  • ...when someone declines a resurrection manually by clicking "Decline" on the dialog box.
  • ...when someone has a wait time before they accept a resurrection. In this case, the 60-second expiration time will be extended by the amount of time they are forced to wait, but the ResExpired callback will be fired at the 60-second mark since there's no way for LRI to know about the wait time.
  • ...who a player who joins the group while casting a resurrection spell is targeting.
  • ...whether a player who joins the group while dead has a resurrection being cast on them.
  • ...whether a player who joins the group while dead has a resurrection already available.

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