I'm no longer playing WoW and so no longer updating Lifebloomer. If someone is interested in picking this project up please reply in the comments below or send me a PM.

Version 3.4.1 Main Features

  • Generating party and raid frames (/lb p and /lb ra) will now sort group members by role in the following order: Tanks, Healers and then DPS
  • Added two sets of default values: classic and new. Please try the new style out :D
  • You can reset your settings to each of the styles by using the slash commands "/lb default classic" or "/lb dc" and "/lb default new" or "/lb dn"
    CAUTION doing so will erase any custom settings you have. To keep them backup this file: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\<account name>\<server>\<character name>\SavedVariables\Lifebloomer.lua

The Quick Description

Lifebloomer presents a grid of frames, one per player. There are several buttons associated with each frame. Mouseover the buttons for a quick description of their purpose.

  • The + button creates unit frames.
  • The Hunter's mark button sets the unit tracked by the frame.
  • The - button removes unit frames.

Lifebloomer presents information about each player in a compact fashion that is designed to be quickly read and acted upon:

  • Lifebloomer provides a timer bar for: Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Rejuv, Germination and Regrowth.
  • The frame border turns colors when poisoned or cursed.
  • The vertical white line is at the 1 GCD mark on the Lifebloom timer, adjusted for latency.

Many options are found in WoW's Interface Options menu

And now on to the full description...

Getting Set Up

Command-line interface:

to list the commands
/lb s
to show the frames
/lb h
to hide the frames
/lb r
to reset the position of the Lifebloomer frames
/lb l
to (un)lock the window in place and hide buttons
/lb p
to auto-generate party frames
/lb ra
to auto-generate raid frames
/lb sr
to auto-generate "smart" raid frames (this avoids overwriting your changes).

With Lifebloomer frames showing, select what you want your frame's target to be. Then click the Hunter's Mark button next to the frame, this will set the frame's target to whatever your current target is. If your current target is not in your raid you will need to use /focus on that target before clicking the target selection button (this is because there is no other unit id for such a unit). You may add unit frames using the + button to the left of each frame and you may remove unit frames using the - button.

Editing options for Lifebloomer are located in WoW's Interface Options menu.


You will notice that the lifebloom bar will turn from blue, to purple, to red. ideally, you will reapply lifebloom when the bar turns purple, this purple region indicates when lifebloom has 1 second plus your lag left. Also, there is a red overlay which indicates the global cooldown, you should be able to cast again as soon as this bar completely disappears.


In the Blizzard main Game menu there is a button for "Interface" and a tab for "AddOns" where Lifebloomer and many other AddOns place their configurable options. Lifebloomer allows you to configure many aspects: colors, dimensions, number of frames per column and more. Be sure to click on the little "+" button next to the word "Lifebloomer" to expand all the configuration options available.


Please report any bugs that you find and feel free to offer suggestions.

In the Works

  • Party/Raid Role Icons
  • Sorting Party/Raid members based on roles
  • Class colors


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