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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This addon allows you to personalize and randomize announcements for when someone uses your lightwell, wastes your lightwell, or when your lightwell has sat idle, expires or is summoned . A visible counter has been added to display the number of charges remaining. The addon now supports the lightspring glyph.

Configuration options can be accessed in-game through the interface menu, right-clicking the lightwell counter graphic or by typing
/lwb config or /lightwellbuddy config
(Type /lwb to see these options in your locale, as they may have been translated to your language)

Recent Updates
-Added Controls to change the font, border and background of the Lightwell Counter

New Author Needed
The current authors will continue to do occasional fixes for patches that inevitably break the addon. However, our focus will be elsewhere as one author does not play a priest and the other no longer plays WoW. Please PM an author if you are interested in taking over or contributing to the development and maintenance of the addon.

Advanced options include support for custom channels, customizing messages sent only to specific players, and support for multiple profiles which you can switch between by clicking the Lightwell Counter display. The addon supports unlimited profiles and unlimited numbers of customizable and randomizable messages within each profile. For some announcement message ideas, you can visit one of the following forum threads:
Please feel free to contribute your own message ideas on the threads, or in the comments of this page :-)

In addition to sending announcements, the addon will track and display the number of charges remaining on your lightwell. The graphic will fade and pulse as the lightwell nears expiration. Certain behaviors and visual appearance can be controlled through the configuration menu.

Thank you for the help provided by the following translators: koKR (Complete by Guckkasten), zhTW (Partial by Whyv), deDE (Complete by Tacid), zhCH (Completed by ranrain), itIT (Completed by TyrusPrime), ptBR (partial by laminax), and ruRU (completed by seishinnokage).
If you're interested in providing translations for localizing the addon to your language, please use the curseforge interface here:

Thanks to our projects contributors: Choonster for the original design of the addon, Takkix for expanding and building the original in-game configuration window, and Hershe for the original concept and the efforts to test, debug and enhance. Thank you also to tehLH, the author of the Lightwell Counter project which this projet borrowed from to create the graphic counter. It is an open-source project which appears to have been abandoned by its original author, but has since been updated by a new author. Source for this project can be found here:


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