This data-broker plug-in that adds up all of the items in your inventory & bank, to retrieve a Wealth total if you are trying to sell items on the Auction House or selling them to the venders.

Liquid-Wealth Currently scans all items in your banks & bags

  • Vendor Pricing (Supported) - Would of Warcraft's Built-in-API
  • Auction House (Auction Add-on is Required)
    • Auctioneer (Supported)
    • Auctionator (Supported)
    • AuctionLite (Supported)
    • AuctionMaster (Supported)
    • TheUndermineJournalGE (Supported)
    • TradeSkillMasterDB (Supported)

Display Add-on Supported Data-Broker plug-in should work with these Display Addons

Wish List

  • Scan Item based on LibPeriodicTable-3.1 Filtering & ItemID (In Development)
  • Create GUI for the Item Scanning Filtering (In Development)
  • Guild Bank Scanning (Completed)
  • Mail Box Scanning (In Review)


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