Flexible and reliable random mount summoning, since 2011.

 Supports journal mounts, Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, Running Wild, Tarecgosa, Moonfang, Flying Broom, Telaari Talbuk/Frostwolf War Wolf and other zone-specific mounts. LiteMount excludes flying mounts in areas where you can't fly.



How To Use

  • Set key binding(s) for LiteMount in the WoW "Key Bindings" options, under the "AddOns" category
  • Press key to mount/dismount on a location-appropriate mount.
  • Hold SHIFT to force a non-flying mount.
  • Press key while moving to force travel form, ghost wolf or other instant-cast mounts.
  • Jump out of water and press key within 1s to fly/float instead of swimming.

Supporting LiteMount

If you are a rich person and would like to support me, I would love you to buy me a mount from the Blizzard store. You can see the mounts I am missing here, buy a mount I am missing from the shop and send it to me during checkout to my email address <[email protected]>.

Otherwise, please continue to enjoy LiteMount for free and just have fun playing WoW.


LiteMount supports all languages. Please help with translations using this easy web interface:


LiteMount supports profiles, accessed via the button on the top-right of most of the settings pages.

The following settings are per-profile:

  • Enabled/disabled setting for each mount.
  • Copy Target's Mount.
  • Automatically exclude newly added mounts.
  • Advanced action lists (for buttons 1-4).

The following settings are global:

  • Extra mount flags (from the Advanced Options panel).
  • Changes to mount flags (from the Mounts panel).

And these settings are per-character and not shared:

  • Unavailable macro.
  • Combat macro.
  • Debugging enabled.

Action Bar Macro

To create a LiteMount macro you can drop onto your action bar, type into the chat box:

/litemount macro

One you have created the macro you can edit it if you wish, LiteMount will not change it unless you delete it and recreate it.

Copying Target's Mount

If you have a player targeted, LiteMount will try to copy the mount they are currently using. You can turn this awesome feature off in the settings.

In-Combat Actions

LiteMount cannot mount in combat. It has a default set of combat actions which can dismount you, exit vehicles, or cast Travel Form or Ghost Wolf.

Getting Out of Water

Jump out of the water and activate LiteMount within one second to fly, float or run away.

For Druids

Activate LiteMount while moving or jumping to activate Travel Form.

Go into the settings and set the unavailable macro to

/cast Cat Form(Shapeshift)

and the combat macro to

/cast [indoors,swimming][outdoors] Travel Form(Shapeshift); [indoors] Cat Form(Shapeshift)

For Shamans

Activate LiteMount while moving or jumping to activate Ghost Wolf.

Go into the settings and set the unavailable macro to

/cast Ghost Wolf

For Monks

Go into the settings and set the unavailable macro to

/cast Zen Flight

Reporting Issues

Mount Selection

For information on how LiteMount chooses mounts, see:


For information about customizing LiteMount using the settings interface, see:

Advanced Options

For information about doing really clever things using the Advanced Options settings, see:

Slash Commands

For information about the LiteMount slash commands, see:

Using LiteMount in Your Macros

For information on writing your own macros that incorporate LiteMount as well as other actions, see:

If This AddOn Seems Abandoned

If more than two weeks go by after a major patch and LiteMount hasn't been updated, I've probably been hit by a bus. In that case I encourage anyone with the necessary ability to take over maintenance of the addon.

LiteMount is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, which means anyone can take it and do whatever they want with it, as long as they too release their code under the same terms.

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