LoadIT (continued)

originally by Ru of Frostmane
continued by Saur of Emerald Dream (EU)

This is an updated version of LoadIT 1.34 by Ru of Frostmane.
I do not plan on doing too much to it, but I will try to keep it functioning at least.

The rest is the original description by Ru:

LoadIT was designed to allow in-game management of your addons. Using LoadIT, you can enable, disable, and load addons during gameplay. You can create profiles of addons, and switch between these profiles on-the-fly. I designed LoadIT, because I have sets of addons that I use for instances like Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Onyxia's Lair, but I don't care to have many of them loaded while I'm in battlegrounds, due to the amount of lag some addons create during PVP.

LoadIT provides a simple interface into all the documented, dynamic addon functions that were added as of patch 1.7. The only limitation I have found, so far, is that Blizzard hasn't provided the ability to unload an addon from memory without using /console reloadui. LoadIT will notify you when your changes require a console reload. You won't need to log out, in any case, so long as the addons were present in your /addons folder when you started WoW.exe

...!eraC ekaT


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