LootBooster allows you to setup a list of items you want to loot, set a quality filter (rarity), and/or set a minimum vendor price for looting. Don't fill your bags with worthless junk, fill them up with high value junk!


  • Create a customize list of items you always want to loot
  • Set a quality level to always loot based on rarity
  • Set a minimum value to always loot items that will sell to a vendor
  • Set an Ignore list to never pick up those pesky no-sell items (NEW)
  • Set an Alert list to additionally alert with a display and sound when an item is looted (NEW)
  • Change the alert sound to any sound in the game, or turn it off (NEW)
  • Allows to loot "All" items, like auto-loot but will automatically confirm Bind-On-Pickup items
  • Any item LootBooster loots will automatically confirm Bind-On-Pickup
  • If nothing else, at least loot coins (money)
  • Can turn LootBooster on/off
  • Printout shows links to everything LootBooster loots

LootBooster can NOT steal loot! Only loot you are allowed to loot will be looted.

Note: Use extreme caution when in a group, not responsible for any BOP items LootBooster picks up.


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