Looter's Aid

Looter's Aid is undergoing a complete rewrite - please do not download it until this message disappears. Thanks for your patience.

Looter's Aid

Looter's Aid was designed specifically with the needs of our Guild in mind, but has expanded from that.

When using master looter in a raid, we use a -1 system to allocate the loot. If someone wins a loot item, they get a count of -1. If they have the highest roll for another item, but another player who is still on a count of 0 has the next highest roll, the 0 player wins the item and then goes on -1 - and so on.

What it does

Looter's Aid will only function within a raid if you are the master looter. When you loot a corpse that yields loot at or above the loot threshold, the Looter's Aid window will automatically pop up, presenting you with a number of options.

Main Features:

  • Tracks player counts separately for main spec and off spec
  • Issues a raid warning to announce the start of a roll
  • Automatically tracks all rolls
  • Ignores anyone trying to use /roll 100 100
  • Issues a raid warning when multiple rolls are received from one player
  • Shows player counts in the raid/chat/party window
  • Allows manual adjustment of individual player counts
  • Allocates a raid disenchanter (loot awarded to the disenchanter is not counted)
  • Allows the master looter to switch to an alt mid raid without losing any data
  • Responds to whispers from other players (!ms or !os) with their current count
  • Optionally limit loot rolls to a 7 second window
  • Highlights players inelligible to receive loot
  • Displays available loot in the raid window
  • 'Free For All' mode allows loot rolls with no penalties
  • Keeps a record of what loot each players has received
  • Can transfer its data to another user if the master looter is changed mid-raid
  • Attempts to show the winning roller's existing gear
  • Can be set to restrict rolls on class and/or guild rank

Data Broker

From v4.0.4.0 Looter's Aid includes Data Broker support. This provides one click access to the options screen as well as a right click menu giving access to features normally only availble whilst the interface is visible on screen.

NOTE: To see the Data Broker features, you will need to use a Data Broker Display addon, such as Bazooka, Button Bin, Fortress or Chocolate Bar.

Slash commands:

  • /la change <player> <ms/os> <count> - Change a player's count
  • /la close - Close the interface window
  • /la counts - Open the players counts window
  • /la dis <player> - Set the raid disenchanter
  • /la forget <player> - Forget a player's roll
  • /la help - Display help
  • /la loot <chat/raid/party> <player> <ui> - Display loot record in the specified window or in a ui frame
  • /la ms <chat/raid/party> - Show main spec counts
  • /la os <chat/raid/party> - Show off spec counts
  • /la reset - Reset all data
  • /la rolls <chat/raid/party> - Show current/last rolls
  • /la sync - Transfer data to the new master looter after a change
  • /la winner <player> - Change the winner

What it doesn't do

  • Looter's Aid cannot track multiple raids
  • Existing master looter functionality is not disabled, it's still there if you need it
  • If the winning roller's existing loot does not exist in your game's cache (because you haven't seen it in game since the last patch) then it may display as a ?

Please post a ticket using this link for all feature requests and bug reports


If you would like to help translate Looter's Aid into another language, please use this link

Bug Reports / Feature Requests

Please post all bugs or requests using the CurseForge ticker tracker found here.


  • Alekinthalas - for the original idea, features and testing
  • Draath - for features and testing
  • Metuu - for the German translation and identifying a bug with the German client
  • Trippsolddude - for features and testing
  • Dohram - for features and testing


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