Mage Gate v9


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    Nov 13, 2016
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  • 7.1.0


8/15/2010 Initial Release. 8/25/2010 Fixed Party & Target bug. 10/5/10 Fixed Party bug. 10/13/2010 Fixed for 4.0.1 11/8/2010 Added slash commands /mgate on and /mgate off. 1/4/2011 Sound effects added to Portal opened and portal aborted. /mgate mute slash command added 4/28/2011 Modified for 4.1 6/29/2011 Modified for 4.2. More changes to come. 7/1/2011 Ace3 Library used. Slash commands now: sfx and autosum. New Auto accept summon feature. New Sound Effect for summoning (Ring Teleporter from Star Gate) Fixed a mistake in sound effects. To make it up, an option for Stargate Atlantis Abort sfx. 11/5/2011 Updated for 4.3 3/5/2012 Autosumm is now turned OFF by default. Your previous setting will go to off. 5/2/2012 Special thanks to Daimanu for all of these updates! French translations added. Additional languages can now be added. Chevron countdown added, with range customization by the command "chevrons" 5/17/2012 Added option to turn chevron count text on or off. Added sound effects of the Star Gate Ring turning during channeling of the portal. 6/19/2012 Fixed Chevron count toggle. Thank you for letting me know about that, Xande. 7/22/2012 New features added. French translation not complete. 7/24/2012 Fixed what might be causing many users problems, a missing field in the embed file. 7/26/2012 Thank you to Ch3vr0n for sending me the error statement. Disabled abortfx command. Fixed Wormhole toggle 8/10/2012 Anniversary error fixed 8/13/2012 Added SG-U sound effects. Added new teleport sound effects. Disabled old settings commands. Changed to new settings interface. New saved variable system: old setttings lost. 8/27/2012 Updated addon for 5.0.3 Adding feature to make a single setting for teleport and portal spells. 9/1/2012 Bug fixes 9/16/2012 Fixed compatibility issue with Sexymaps. Notified by Cleopandra. 9/28/2012 Bug fix 10/19/2012 Added Vale of Eternal Blossom 11/30/12 updated for 5.1. German localization 12/16/2012 Added options to turn off messages 1/15/2013 Added Ancient Dalaran teleport and portal 5/24/2013 Added new portal icon for Vale of Eternal Blossoms 8/10/2013 Added honesty option for Ancient Dalaran Portal. 10/15/2014 Fixed for patch 6.0.1 Also beginning to add the new DHD. 12/29/2015 Fixed dialing bug 11/13/2016 Fixed for 7.1