This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I've finally decided to release this addon I started in 2006 for my guild.

    Basically, MakeYourChoice enables (simulates) the GroupLoot mode, when your raid group is in MasterLoot mode.

    Well, when the master looter opens a corpse (if he activated the 'auto' mode in the addon, of course), it will 'send' the loot information to all raid members,
    and asks them if they want the loot or not. Players without MYC installed can make their choices whispering the master looter.
    Each player then have 4 choices for each loot, presented in a popup window just like the blizzard default one (movable!!): Need, Greed, SecondSpec or Pass.
    Player 'votes' are then sent back to the master looter along with the currently equipped item(s) in the same slot.
    The master looter will see a summary window, containing all votes for all loots and player equipped items for a quick compare. He then will have the possibility with a simple right-click,
    to assign the loot to any player.

    Other advanced features:
     - Automatically passes if you cannot equip the object (there is a command to override, just in case)
     - Automatically displays all possible objects in the case of set token or quest item: if a T8 token drops, it will display depending on your class the converted objects (say, paladin, you will see the heal/tank/dps object)
     - Automatically ignoring special objects like emblems
     - Possibility for the master looter to activate the "autogreen" option. When a raid member is specified with this option, all green objects will be automatically sent to this player
     - You can add custom filters to automatically ignore some objects: you are a paladin, you can equip cloth and leather, you can add a filter to ignore those
     - Guild officers can see the same summary window the Master looter see with a simple command (/myc show), to help him assign the loots

    This addon really helps raid leader in their loot attribution, it's faster and easier!!

    Use the in-game help to configure the addon (sorry no configuration-UI), type "/myc help"

    To enable the auto mode (when you open a corpse it will broadcast the loots), type "/myc auto". This value will be reinitialized when you log out.
    To enable the auto ML mode (automatically sets the "auto mode" for you when you become the master looter in a raid group), type "/myc automl". This value is saved accross game sessions.

    Note: In order for this addon to work best, all raid members must have it installed (but not mandatory). But the addon is very light and uses very little memory/cpu

Hope this addon helps, enjoy.



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