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    Jan 21, 2011
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Supported Game Versions

  • 4.0.3a


Added a text entry box to the main window which allows you to run scripts or slash commands. Unlike the chat window, your text doesn't auto-clear after running it, so you can quickly test/edit/run scripts in-game. Added case-insensitive, wildcard searching to "find". Until I add a checkbox, you'll need to manually set = "full" Added title bars to windows (now you know what they are). Added some debugging tables. Improved window creation functions. Generalized them so they could be used by any mod. Added ItemID to "ilist". Fixed "ilist"... as in, it actually works again. Fixed an issue where colors weren't being properly applied to text in the Report window. Fixed a bug where POSIX style strings would error out searches. Fixed the compression method for the zip. No longer contains absolute project path. (yay!)

Don't use "object" on the MassiveReport.  It will crash your system.
Not all cases of object or find are working properly.
Some find searches (especially wildcard) take far longer than the 10 second cap allows for.
Depthlimit doesn't seem to be working with wildcard.
A throttle is planned to replace the 10-sec cap.