Minutiae (Automation)

An Ace3 mod to automate some of the more tedious tasks in WoW.  Inspired by the Ace2 mod Automaton, by weab and gxxam.  Minutiae is written from the ground up using Ace3, however, the ideas behind some of the functions it automates, such as auto-releasing your spirit in battlegrounds, are genius, and I never would have thought to automate them on my own.  All credit for the basic ideas behind each automation should go to the Automaton authors.

I'm updating this after a long time off, so if it's marked "untested" below, it means I've left that module in from the 2011 version, but haven't gotten around to checking if it still works.

Currently Minutiae has the following functions (with the ability to toggle each):

    - Repairs your gear, attempting first to use guild funds.
    - Sells junk items.
    - Automates reputation tracking.
    - Releases your spirit when you die in a battleground (potentially working).
    - Accepts quests and has some turn-in capacity (when there aren't item rewards involved).
    - Accepts invites from friends and guild members (untested).
    - Declines incoming duel requests.
    - Accepts resurrects (untested).
    - Accepts summons (untested).

To Do List:

    - Improve modular behavior.
    - Find more things to automate.
    - Add more LDB label options.
    - Figure out a way to get information on repeatable quests when the quest details is all that pops up (i.e. the quests to feed the Nightfallen)
    - Squash bugs.

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