Multi Raid Alert

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This addon provides you with a movable panel with several sets, each made of 1 to 12 configurable buttons.
Each button can be bind to a string. Once button is pressed, string is sent to the desired destination: channel, raid, guild, say, ctraid, raid_warning, script and slash_cmd (usually raid_warning or /rs)

slash_cmd option accepts almost all slash commands with parameters, but not ALL.
technically, only the ones which handler is stored in the SlashCmdList[] array, practicall ALL addons slashcommands+most of the wow built-in ones (emote commands wont work, but /chatwho will)
very usefull for ctra commands like raitem, raready razone etc. also /chatwho commands are usefull

the script accepts standard lua scripts, but be very carefull bout what you do :)

There can be two sets at a time. Did this to have a standard set of buttons (like pull, assist etc) and another instance-specific set for each dungeon.
The BOTTOM set can be marked as stand-alone, meaning it stays alone in the panel)

each button can be bound to a keyboard button via the wow system panel


shift_mousewheel on the panel to scroll thru set for BOTTOM set
alt_mousewheel on the panel to scroll thru set for TOP set
right_click on set name to quick select another set (works both on upper and lower set)
(once selection panel is open, you can change sets order dragging buttons with RIGHT mouse button)

pressing the "o" button opens the option set
pressing the two "e" buttons opens the edit for the top and bottom set

in edit window:
clicking on channel button makes it cycle thru all possible channels
(right-clicking makes it cycle backwards)
shift-click on channel button changes the channel for all the macros on the set
spacing refeers to vertical spacing if button is last in the row, else it is horizontal spacing

options are saved per-character, while the command sets are global
you can backup em up (some sets can be really boring to re-write from scratch) saving the file
*World of Warcraft folder*\WTF\Account\*account name*\SavedVariables\MultiRaidAlert.lua

command line options:

/mra toggle
show/toggles panel

/mra reset
resets default sets (warning, deletes ALL customizations)

/mra resetpos
reset window position (in case you cannot see it no more)

- important: locking frame with cli to prevent user to move it (will also prevent border and options button to popup)
- always showing border when changing frame width
- ordering macros in the set
- need confirmaton when removing a line pressing small "-"


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