MultiAuction (WoW)

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What this mod does

This addon will allow you to auction multiple items at once using different pricing schemes. I loved the idea of Igor's Mass Auction, but it had a few bugs in it and a few features I wish were incorporated.

A few differences

  • I completely rewrote the addon trying to keep the same look and feel from Igor's.
  • Price schemes can be added by authors much more easily.
  • I wanted to allow pricing schemes to not add an item if they have no data for initial bid or buyouts.
  • I decided not to use the one-click feature, as alt-clicking replaces it.
  • A max of 18 auctions still exists, but if people demand more, I'll create a scrolling window, and add more! (With more than 18 auctions, this might be a bit harder to review your auction prices, so I didn't implement this yet)
  • Fixed the coloring of items in your bags (I do not know if this will work with all those bag addons or not)

Basic Pricing Schemes

  • Default - Initial bid and buyout are set to the default initial / buyout values.
  • All Same price - If you leave the number of items empty, values are set for the entire stack. Or enter a number, and the values are set for each # of items in the stack.
  • Value Multiplier - Lets you set Starting / Buyout prices as a percentage of different selections.
    • Vendor value
    • Default starting price
    • Default buyout price
    • Starting price you set.


Opening the Multi Auction Window

  • Open the main Auction Window
  • click on the Multi Auction tab at the bottom of the Auction Window

Selecting Price Schemes

  • Main pricing schemes are selected from the drop down labeled "Set Prices With"
  • Each pricing scheme may have several options to choose from (Such as Value Multiplier may have a few starting and buyout price selections)

Setting durations

  • Select the radio button for an individual auction to the desired duration
  • Click the desired duration button at the bottom of MultiAuction to set durations for all auctions

Adding an item to MultiAuction

  • Select a pricing scheme
  • Add the item with one of the following methods:
    • Drag and Drop the item into an empty item.
    • Alt+Click an item from your bags
    • Check the One Click checkbox at the bottom of MultiAuction, and just left click an item from your bags

Setting prices for an item

  • Add an item as normal
  • If an item is already listed, you may manually change the price


  • Changing the pricing scheme while items are already listed in MultiAuction will not change their prices.
  • If you wish to set all items in MultiAuction using the selected pricing scheme, simply click the button labeled "Set All Prices"
  • If a pricing scheme does not supply a starting or buyout price, the item will not be added.
  • If a pricing scheme supplies a starting price of 0, the item will not be added. (You can't start an auction with no starting price)
  • ValueMultiplier can fallback to the auction house default values in a pricing system does not return price values for it using the default fallback checkboxes
  • To add part of a stack of items, split the stack into your backpack first and then add the stack to the auction


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