Add load and save features for the addon Musician.

This addon has no UI and has to be used in command line only.

Musician commands start by /musician but you can also use /music or /mus.

Type /mus help to get the command list.

List available songs

/musician list

/musician songs

  • Click on the song name to load it.
  • Click on the play button ► to load it and play.

Save current song

/musician save [<song name>]

If omitted, the song name shown in the import field will be used.

Load song

/musician load (<song name>|<song number>)

Load and play song

/musician play (<song name>|<song number>)

Find a song

/musician find <keywords>

/musician search <keywords>

Delete song

/musician delete [(<song name>|<song number>)]

/musician del [(<song name>|<song number>)]

/musician remove [(<song name>|<song number>)]

If no song name or number is specified, the currently loaded song will be deleted.


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