This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This addon will not be updated anymore, check NPA2.0 at:


A highly customable(although complicated to do) addon to show various information on nameplates
Alpha modifier (Autohide)
Buff/Debuff with stack and timer (Aura)
Casting bar  (Castwarning)
Combo Point (Combopoint)
Combat informations (damage/heal, buff/debuff gain/lose)  (Scrolltext)
Raid Icon (Raidicon)
Class Icon (Classicon)
Healthbar (Healthbar)
ManaBar (Manabar)
Moving Speed (Speed)
CrowdControl/special ability icon (CrowdControl)
Cooldowns (Cooldown)
Threat percent and glow (Threat)
Quest number mark  (QuestMark)
Range Check (RangeCheck)
Spelllock countdown  (CounterSpell)
Aura,cc,cast,health tracker/self nameplate  (Tracker)
Name,guild,special mark (NameText)
Targeting count (TargetCount)
Target name, target indicator (Target)
Stance,runes,lunar power,combopoint,holypower,Master Marksman (ClassInfo)
Shield absorb amount (ShieldWatch)
Time until out of combat (exCombat)
Unit main role based on combatlog statistics (RoleCheck)
Change and show click-zone (ClickZone)
some nameplate requires mouseover one time to work,it's by wow system limit, not bug
to open options menu ,type
[esc menu ->interface->combat->class color in nameplates] will be forced on for better guid match
to change healthbar color, please use [healthbar] module
to make it look better you can disable nameplate spreading (or enable overlapping) by this command
/console spreadnameplates 0
in 4.x version blizzard adds a option in esc->interface->names does the same thing
self nameplate settings are in /npa -> tracker page, bottom half
to get spellid from combatlog:
check [NPA]-[core]->[show spellid in tooltips]

right-click chat frame [combatloag] button, select [settings]
select [formatting] page
check [show braces] [spellname]

then left-clicking any spell in combatlog will show its tooltip with spellid


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