This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

What is NazGuildRecruiter?

NazGuildRecruiter was created for the guild Nazg├╗l on Altar of Storms and the default message is ours (if you are part of a different guild be sure to change it and attune to the new guild).


  • Needs to be attuned to your guild before it will work, and afterwards will not spam for any other guilds you may be part of (on alts, different servers, etc.)
  • Uses GuildRecruitment channel in all cities
  • Skips Instances and Battlegrounds
  • Spams upon zone entrance and periodically when questing in zones (based on minimum and maximum recommended level of the zone, for example if you do not want lowbies it will skip durotar, etc.)
  • If you cannot invite people to the guild, will only spam if someone who can invite and has this addon is online
  • Coordinates with everyone else who has this addon so you don't overspam a zone

Getting Started:

  1. Type /ngr msg <your spam here> - this will set the spam message
  2. Change any other behavior you wish using the commands below
  3. Type /ngr attune - this will attune the addon to your current guild and go to work


  • /ngr - shows available commands
  • /ngr attune - attunes the addon to your current guild
  • /ngr msg <your message here> - Changes the message to spam
  • /ngr interval # - replace # with the number of minutes between spammings in a particular zone
  • /ngr cityspam - toggles spamming via the guild recruitment channel in cities (you need to be joined of course)
  • /ngr zonespam - toggles spamming via general in regular zones
  • /ngr levels minimum # - set the minimum level you want to recruit (used to determine which zone to spam in, only means anything if zonespam is toggled on)
  • /ngr levels maximum # - set the maximum level you want to recruit (used to determine which zone to spam in, only means anything if zonespam is toggled on)
  • /ngr standby - suspends this addon
  • /ngr profile reset - resets to defaults

Please use the ticket tracker for feature requests/bug reports.


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