_EventHelper currently has beta code for True Love Prism achievement helper !

Or something,

Banker search is back as basic search. Use /banker cloth to find cloth. Searches via item link, so start/end bracket [] can be used to force start/end of item name, for example cloth] will find all items ending with cloth.

I'm back !! After retiring from add-ons for three years (Jan 2012 to Jan 2015!), I'm writing WoW add-ons again.

Rewriting things from scratch so it may take some time before I get most of the things working again. And of course new ideas too!

Or something,
-Kizrak the Hokie !


(Below is the old descriptions, but because I'm starting from scratch and focused mostly on code writing (instead of descriptions) it is mostly inaccurate. Sorry!)

Several Addons I've written. It use to be just few addons that did everything but I have tried to separate them into separate addons.

The _CannotHeal Addon will tell your group when you are unable to heal due to ANY form of CC, such as stuns, polymorph, fear, silence. The way to activate the message is to attempt to cast a Heal while CC. The error along with the heal you tried to cast last will be reported to the group.

The _Combat Addon will report resists/interrupts/resist/etc to your chat frame. Useful to see who in your raid/party are interrupting, or if your healers are being interrupted, as well as if important skills are being resisted, like taunt or polymorph. Also displays immune messages so you can learn what mobs are immune to different schools of magic.
The addon also displays large sources of damage. Anything that hits you for more than 11% of your max hp will give a message including the school of magic and if any of it was resisted. Very useful for raids and/or partys to check if you have your correct resist gear on and/or resist buffs.

_Banker is used to search multiple characters, or search your inventory and bank for items. Especially useful for tradeskill mules. Use /bfind <item> to search your account. /bfind also accepts item links to search for exact items, or can be given general terms, such as /bfind leather, to find all leather on your account. It saves your items each time you leave the bank window. Also included is /sgb which searches your guild bank, but you have to have viewed each tab at least once for it to be updated.

_Esc will rebind your Esc key. I STRONGLY suggest disabling or deleting this addon for most users. It will bind your ESC key to act similar to that of of Everquest 1. Basically, it allows you to spam the ESC key without getting the menu window. Each time you press ESC it clears your target, if you have not target, it stops your spells. Repeatedly pressing it will not bring up the main menu (I really hated this, after playing Everquest for 7 years, and getting use to spamming ESC key to clear target).

_EventFinder is an addon for developers of addons, like myself. /eventfinder <term> will search all event messages for the term given and print them and their arguments to the screen, with small spam filter build in.

_OOM is still my random catch-all. This was the addon that did everything above, but I've been constantly pulling things out of it for simplicity and user requests. It does so many things, and it still has pre-2.0 code ! *scary* It just got an options GUI! use /list options to display. Its not much at the moment. If there is something else you'd like to see an option for, let me know. There is a list at the button of this page given things that all the addons do, if it isn't covered by one of the other addons, _OOM does it....

_Display is kinda stale at the moment. Use to keep track of pray of mending/beacon of light/etc. Best just to disable this addon. I'll get back to work on it later...maybe....

_xkeys is used for making a bunch of macro's to be used by an xkeys programming device. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just disable it.

Addon that does a lot of little random things. Including but not limited to:

Primary slash command: /list

Reporting to Party when you (as a healer) are interrupted, or unable to heal due to a controlling effect
sell grey items /sgi
review bank/inventory on other chars /bfind
see combat log interrupts, resists, reflects, and immunities
warn allys that you've ran out of mana (as healer)
taunt/growl resists echo to party
track totems (simi obsolete)
auto casting of buffs (just about Everything!) and passive totems via J key
warn battleground when your defending location and you're attacked
list various information about herbs, ores, mining, tanking stats (avoidance), etc
character tracking, how long sense you've logged on other character on that acount
reduce red-text error spam
auto select faction display whenever you get a faction hit
auto raid-target marking for several CC types: including shackle, sheep, sap, seduction, hibernate
auto marking of target by name, or focus (useful in caverns of time, thrall)
math command, allowing basic math inside the game
auto swapping of few weapons and shields when you appear to be tanking (go defensive and lose hp, etc)
auto follow master, auto follow people while afk
auto accept group-invitations
flag tracking in WSG including flag carriers health
warns you when a Bind on pickup drops and loot roll begins
/make to make target leader
/list gives alot of the available /slash command options
/loc echos your location
/whot preforms /who on your target
Divine Intervention raid warning
charge emote when you charge as warrior
auto stand when your eating/drinking and are full health & mana
chat window scroll bottom when you recieve whisper or group text
zone and target information scripts
location finding, and people (useful when with friend in AV) /findloc <x,y>
auto-tracking for mining/herbing/etc if you have no current track (also for humanoids if cat form/hunter)
list weapon skills by skill, for determining which skill needs the most pratice
mage food/water summoning, part of J key
rework of esc key binding allowing rapid spam of esc key without bring up main-menu
see who has prayer of mending and number of charges

Author: Kizrak on Whisperwind
AKA Protector on Whisperwind


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