Priority List

* remember to uncheck "Simple Mode" in the options if you are an officer and you want to manage the wish lists *

Priority List is a simple addon created for officers that follow a wish-list based loot-giving system, to easily track who's the next character eligible for a raid drop to assign, directly in the loot's tooltip.

Type /prioritylist or /pl to open the addon's options frame

- Priority List can be set in "Simple Mode" or not within the options:

Simple Mode means you are a raider and you can only manage your own list, you cannot import but only export your character to the officers' versions.
not in Simple Mode means you are an officer and you can manage/import every character you want into your list, you will see their priorities in the loot's tooltip
Wish List

This is the main structure and contains characters and their respective needed items in a priority order.

Items List (officers only)

Contains all the items needed by your raiders (automatically generated)

Boss List

In Simple Mode you can see which items you have on your list or add new items using the right-click menu. In Officer mode you can easily see which characters need any boss drop.


If you are an officer you can import every character's wish list directly from your own raiders! Ask them to download Priority List and then to export their character to you!


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