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Reorganises item tooltips. In particular, condenses some labels into fewer lines and makes secondary stats show as +Whatever instead of Equip: line.

The whole thing is probably buggy in a lot of corner cases that I have not experienced myself, and I know that recipes are screwed up and that it interferes with other addons like arkinventory appending messages to the end of the tooltip. Oh, well.

Some examples (new/old): Shorten secondary stats into +Stat, but keep them green. Collapse a bunch of labels into shared lines. ilvl, armor and stamina are mostly scaling along with each other and on everything anyway, so who even looks at that, they can share a line. Throw required level on the other side for good measure. I am just leaving everything I do not want to handle at the end, so gems and procs and other stuff is still there. Actually, stamina gets to stay for trinkets, because you would not expect it there. Or because it takes up item budget there. Armor should go there too. Spirit is green along with the other secondary stats now, too. I am leaving spellpower alone for now because the ilvl/dps line is getting kind of crowded already.


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