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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Make bidding easy!



Since quick dkp was no longer updated I have created a new addon with bidder and dkp manager. Check links below!



You hate the mess on the chat, to explain ppl all the time what and how to do, or you are tired of typing all the time another bid? This addon is for your guild! If you are a casual player you just have to download this addon, and wait for biddings :). To bid - simple click! If you want to manage session - go download quick dkp v2 addon from curse. You will need however only the Core, so you dont have to have the gui addon on[but ofc you can if you want] Movie showing how it works[from session master view]. Porzeczka in there will bid in 3 possible ways. First by whisper, then from raid, and then from bidder. The background of the bidder looks like this only for ppl in Red Circle guild. Others will have the gold background. <center>


</center> Here is what you get: For bidders:
  • easy overbid button
  • simple bid number button
  • nice looking bid list
  • window pop ups automaticly when in raid and session manager start bidding
  • on top of window u got a frame. When bidding is started u can hover it to see a item tooltip info.
  • timer under the window[started by manager]
  • after bidding starts you will see how much dkp u have and what the minimum bid set.
For session managers:
  • small simple windows glued to the main bidding window
  • button for starting bids
  • shift click item and ready to go!
  • start timer when ready[15 sec, changed to 5 sec after every over bid]
  • award a winner with simple click, take his dkp, and when u are a loot master give him at the same time item he won!
  • easy make a minimum bid price so noone could bid less
  • choose player from the list who u want to reward
  • and more :P
But trully to see how it works u have to just download it and see for urself. Functions: /qdkpbid show [shows the bidder window, only leaders should use it though, others will see it only during bidding, and thats enaugh ;)] /qdkpbid echo [sends echo to players in raid, will check who has ksqbidder, and what version] /qdkpbid echoguild [same as above, sends question to the entire guild] /qdkpbid changeskin [changes the skin of the addon. For now there are two skins build in - default and TUKUI skin. U can try to create your own ofc, check QDKP_ksqBid_constants.lua file for that]


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